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Hearthstone: Quest Rogue’s third nerf incoming?

Quest Rogue's third nerf

Quest Rogue has been nerfed twice already. We could be in for Quest Rogue’s third nerf. The deck has once again risen to the surface after the release of the Boomsday Project expansion. The pros continue to talk about their gripes with the deck and the possibility of a nerf removing its viability altogether.

Previous Nerfs

Once upon a time when The Caverns Below came out, it took four minions to complete the quest, and the minions that ensued were 5/5 bodies.

Quest Rogue's third nerf
The first nerf.

Blizzard first decided to nerf it by increasing the number of minions it took to complete to five. It took a little longer to get the quest online but it was still reasonably completed, which caused Blizzard to nerf it yet again.

The second nerf reduced the minions to 4/4 bodies. This reduced the power of minions coming out of the chute, which lowered the burst damage potential of Quest Rogue. However, whether it was 5/5s or 4/4s did not really seem to matter, as Quest Rogue persisted in the meta.

Why it’s Back

Many players believed Quest Rogue had finally been killed off for good. The reality of the situation was more that players grew bored with its gameplay. Boomsday didn’t change much, but added a key card that really gave Quest Rogue more chances at winning.

Quest Rogue's third nerf
Such a strong card in Quest Rogue.

We’ve seen it in almost every deck. We are already seeing the Annoy-o-Trons in our dreams. Giggling Inventor, on top of one of the most annoyingly persistent decks in the game, makes Quest Rogue more of a nightmare than ever.

Giggling Inventor creates three bodies on board. That’s three bodies that can be bounced by the rogue.

There are two taunts with divine shield that allow the Rogue to live longer. Also, two of the cards having the same name allows for more opportunities for quest completion. When the quest is completed, it spits out a total of three 4/4 bodies for five mana.

How Should it be Nerfed?

Professional players would have you believe that the deck should be nerfed until it is literally unplayable. Making the minions 3/3s or requiring six minions to complete the quest could very well kill off the deck. That might be a little harsh.

Blizzard might be looking to keep the quest playable. This could mean nerfing the health to 4/3s. This allows the minions to be answered by a lot more AOE tools. Yet that doesn’t cover the strength of cards like Sonya Shadowdancer and Vicious Scalehide. Maybe nerfing Sonya could help nerf Quest Rogue.

Another option is to make the Crystal Core more mana to be played. As of now, it is five mana and can be used with Preparation for only two mana. If the Crystal Core is made to be seven mana or so it delays the quest even further without nerfing the power of the quest. We will wait to see what Blizzard decides to do, if anything.

Here’s the reaction from some of the pros on Quest Rogue being back in meta:

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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