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Overwatch Patch Notes: September 24, 2020

Matthew Kennedy
Shortly after the Tracer Comic Challenge began, a new experimental patch made its way into the Overwatch live client. Following in the last patch’s wave...
Overwatch Shanghai Dragons

Is the Playoff Patch Dangerous for Shanghai?

Leonard Ufer
The Shanghai Dragons seem unstoppable in these last weeks. They demolished their competition in the Countdown Cup and have locked in the 1st seed for...

New Overwatch Patch: July 28, 2020

Matthew Kennedy
Following a massive uproar in the community, the Overwatch developers have pulled back the experimental changes from earlier this week. The slight nerfs to Genji...

Patch 1.48 Goes Live With Anniversary Event

Matthew Kennedy
Today begins the celebration of the 4-year anniversary of Overwatch. Alongside all the new cosmetics and brawls returning, there are a good deal of balance...
Dota 2

Dota 2 Patch 7.22h Highlights

Matt Mead
Well, bless my soul, if it isn’t another Dota 2 patch. This time we’re looking over the 7.22h highlights. Just in case you’re not great...