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Hearthstone: Dalaran Bank Heist

With the Dalaran Heist release, many players are looking forward to playing and earning some pack. Others are looking forward to the new adventure that promises tons of unique playthroughs. For those playing for free, you receive King Togwaggle’s trusty minion, Rakanishu. With how many times you can play this adventure, many players wonder what to look for to get a perfect run.


There are tons of new treasures that appear in this adventure. Some of the best ones include Emerald Goggles, A Prince’s Ring, and Elixir of Vitality. Any of these powerful treasures will make the adventure a breeze as long as you know how to use them.

Strange that the left and right don’t get the benefit. Guess only the left eye works.

With the Emerald Goggles, players’ leftmost card will cost two less mana. This is incredibly powerful if you pay attention to order. It is entirely possible to play your entire hand of two cost cards on turn one. However, this provides no tempo for you later, forcing you to top deck for the rest of the game unless you have a card to allow you to draw. This card combined with the Burning Wit hero power allows for some late game cards to come in at turn four. It becomes even stronger if you manage to snag the Scepter of Summoning.

A Prince’s Ring is one of the strongest treasures, hands down. This treasure gives you a random Deathknight hero power at the start of each fight. This becomes extremely valuable if you manage to get Uther, of the Ebon Blade on the final boss. Getting the Four Horsemen out by turn five is a guaranteed win. Even without that power specifically, most of these cards are incredibly good, aside from Garrosh’s. This ring is a must have for the adventure. Do not pass it up if given the opportunity to nab it.

When it comes to the Elixir of Vitality, players must be ready to survive the early game and hold for late game value. This card adds two copies of any minion you summon to your deck. This essentially means that you have no way of hitting fatigue as well as having infinite minions. However, there is one major drawback to this card. If you play too many smaller minions, your deck quickly gets filled with them. There is nothing worse than having a hand full of Mana Wyrms on turn ten. But, if players can hold off, they could end up having a deck full of Lich King or Raganros.


Family reunions can be harsh sometimes.

The heist isn’t a walk in the park. Some enemies have powers and a deck that are sure to trip up many players. Some of these enemies include Queen Wagtoggle and Nozari. While only one of them is a final boss, Soothsayer Zoie have enough synergy in their deck to cause some real problems. And in the case of Nozair, her hero power can be devastating if you can’t find a way to keep a minion on the board.

Queen Wagtoggle is the sister of King Togwaggle, and she aims to take everything he has. Her hero power is to take one of your minions from your deck and put it on her side of the field. They then have the deathrattle of going back to your hand. However, she has a nasty habit of pulling them back to her hand, silencing them, or any other way of getting rid of said deathrattle. This provides a challenge because of the powerful minions in the deck. It can be devastating seeing her pull your three Ragnaros from your deck. The best way to deal with this is to consider her a draw mechanic. Whatever minion she steals, you just have to kill it to draw it. This might work if you are able to outpace whatever she takes or if she takes your low costing minions first.

Nozari is a dragon deck through and through. She will spend her hero power to deal two damage randomly and it can be devastating for the early game. Destorying your smaller minions while also building her own board is a huge setback. Powering through this setback by overwhelming the battlefield with high health minions or with swarms of the smaller ones. If you can overcome this hero power, she is a pretty simple opponent.


One of the most unique features that is presented to the players is multiple hero powers and multiple decks. Each of the henchmen that players can choose from have three hero powers and four decks, giving each henchman twelve different ways to play. Unfortunately, players only receive the basic deck and the basic hero power to start. But as players continue to play, they will unintentionally or intentionally unlock the other decks and hero powers.

Let’s get fired up.

This concept is incredible for multiple reasons. The first being that it rewards players for trying to beat the adventure even if they have bad treasures and bad cards. With the previous solo adventures, it was disheartening to make it the final boss, lose, and have nothing to show for it. So even when you lose, you could still have met the requirements to unlock one of the hero powers or one of the decks, perhaps even both!

The other reason is that it gives players a reason to play the adventure again and again. Even if you beat it on the first try, it’s always fun to try and unlock the other hero powers and decks. And after that you can do it all again on heroic mode! Giving players tons of options to play with. This is by far one of the best adventures players have ever gotten.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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