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Tekken 7 Season 3 Revealed

When Did This Happen?

Tekken 7 Season 3, revealed at Evolution 2019, was not promised to fans of the four year-old fighter. After the grand finals of the Evolution Championship Series for Tekken 7, Bandai Namco Entertainment general manager, Katushiro Harada had an announcement for fans. He trolled Capcom for their recent leaks and the audience but he brought the noise with character reveals for season 3. Zafina and original character Leroy Smith are cool but fans were hyped for a different reason. The potential for Solid Snake in Tekken 7!



Tekken vets will remember the Egyptian combatant from King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. She was a minor player in the plot of the game. Zafina entered the tournament to eliminate Jin Kazama and Lars Alexandersson from summoning Azazel, an ancient evil capable of destroying the entire world. Azazel was summoned however but defeated by Jin. Zafina, last seen inside the demon’s temple as it collapsed, went missing. The gameplay trailer showed that she has Azazel’s power in her left arm and the demon wants out. Her fighting style is the Ancient Assassination Arts which are known for their unpredictability and creepiness. More akin to a spider, Zafina will strike with unorthodox movements and hit-grabs that have been demon-empowered.

Leroy Smith

50 years ago a young boy lost his family and home to gang wars. The large-scale conflict forced the boy to disappear until now. He has returned a master of martial arts. Out for revenge, Leroy Smith has his sights set on the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Smith is giving off strong Bruce Leroy vibes and fans should expect moves to resemble those from The Last Dragon. 

Solid Snake

In between loser’s finals and grand finals, a message popped on-screen with the Metal Gear overlay. Solid Snake was communicating with Harada to talking about the “good ass Tekken” that he saw. Fans roared and the Twitch commentators Mark “Markman” Julio and  Aris “Aris” Bakhtanians saved face as much as possible. Aris almost spilled the beans but FGC twitter already filled photos from the event. Snake will transfer his patented CQC to the King of Iron Fist when the news is official.



As per usual, The Game Haus will keep you updated on this story. Let us know what you think now that Tekken 7 Season 3  was revealed.


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