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An Interview with Ryan Fitzpatrick, SVP of NCompass International: Experiential Marketing in Gaming and Esports during a Pandemic

Thomas Baker
With the outbreak of COVID-19, most live events in 2020 had to cancel, reschedule, or shift to virtual access. However, while the NBA, NFL, MLB...
Esports Gaming

Ponpu: The next big Indie Esport?

Jordy Garcia
Throughout the last decade or so, esports has grown to be a global phenomenon. With this recent surge in the genre of competition, smaller sects...
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Thunderstruck 2019: The Rise of Dekillsage

Jaemin Kim
This past weekend was Thunderstruck 2019, a Tenkaichi Event for the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour. Taking place in Monterrey, Mexico, the tournament was notable...