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Why Casinos are Getting into Esports

Gambling and sports have been something that has been associated with each other for a long time. It is normally a good way for those who either feel lucky or informed to test themselves and see if they can make some money. Now, with the rise of esports, there are more and more people getting into gambling on video games. Casinos and online gambling establishments are starting to take notice.

There are normally two major hubs for gambling in the United States. They are Las Vegas and New Jersey. Las Vegas has certainly gotten into the new sensation when it was announced that the Luxor would be getting an Esports Arena inside it. They are embracing it so much that the Esports Arena logo is plastered on the front-facing part of the luxury casino and hotel. While the arena itself is not involved with gambling, the casinos are starting to look at the options for potentially having bets in the same areas as their traditional sports betting.

As for New Jersey, it has not fully embraced esports betting like Las Vegas just yet but, it should only be a matter of time. New Jersey is home to Atlantic City which hosts some of the best casinos in the country. For those interested in trying to get into esports betting, there are many online casinos in New Jersey that are available. These casinos are online which make them accessible and convenient for their users. While Atlantic Casinos have not yet caught onto the trend, they most certainly will.

Overall gambling on esports has yet to totally catch on. That said it is something worth watching as it is definitely on the rise.Business Insider has discussed how this has been happening. People are not only betting money but even skins within the game. This means that many people in the industry are already used to gambling to a certain degree.

It seems as though it is only a matter of time before esports get involved with betting. The major areas like New Jersey and Las Vegas are seeing its value and starting to embrace it. The hope will be that people are able to see its legitimacy as they do with traditional sports. Also having a new entire industry to bet on should bring in completely new and interesting crowds. Getting ahead of the trend as some sites and places have will be imperative.

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