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What we have learned from each team in the NA LCS

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1) Immortals:
They are for real, they are here to stay, and they might actually become immortals if they have a perfect split

2) NRG:
They are probably the second best team right now. The meta has not been established and the results have shown that they have a good grasp of the meta champions at the micro level. Although, they lost to Immortals, they are definitely a team to watch in the coming weeks.

3) CLG:
I am still very skeptical of their ability to close out games. Their ability to extend leads and force the enemy team to make mistakes and capitalize on them seems to be lacking. Their level 1 and early game strategies seem to be polished. With unconvincing wins against TSM and last place Liquid, I do not know if they are a top three team in NA.
CLG performed the best team-fight that I have seen in a very long time. They did so in the 27th minute against Liquid, showing the potential they have.

4) TIP:
Probably the most surprising team of the first couple of weeks. After winning both games in the second week, we learned a lot from TIP, but it seems that we learned more from the teams they beat, than from TIP.
Their players are highly motivated to be in the position they are in. Which is not what I predicted since they are under a management that was not planning to continue in the LCS. TIP does not look like a last place team, much less than the 0-18 team some people were predicting. It seems like TIP has the best approach to the game, and that is, focus on what you can do now. It seems to have worked in the second week.

5) Dignitas:
With losses against top contenders TSM and NRG, Dignitas seems to be a middle of the pack team. They have good wins against CLG and Renegades. As the season progresses I expect them to do slightly worse than they have been doing because their team does not possess the raw talent that other teams do. When the meta is well-established I expect the more talented teams to improve more.

I think C9 is the team we learned the most from. If you have watched NA LCS for a while now, you have probably figured that Hai is an essential component on that roster. Sneaky once said that without Hai they ran like headless chickens around the map, not knowing what to do. When I first heard it, I thought it was a little excessive, but now I am starting to believe that.
Bunnyfufu is almost undoubtedly a better mechanical player than Hai is. Hai just moved to the support role over the offseason, Bunnyfufu has been playing the role for years. Yet, Hai steps in and they win both games. Whereas, C9 could not get a win against TIP with Bunnyfufu. Maybe C9 fans just have to realize that Hai cannot retire otherwise C9 will get relegated.
It seems that Hai is indeed a world-class shotcaller, or maybe the rest of the C9 members are not on the same page.

7) TSM:
The stacked roster TSM has, did not show up big in the first two weeks. Although they were in control of the game against first-place Immortals, they have not shown that they can play as a cohesive unit. I expect them to improve considerably as they understand the meta better, but so far it has not been the TSM most people expected. I think they will finish third place, but they are not looking like a third place team right now.

RF Legendary seems to have too many issues in the top lane. They have put him on all kinds of champions fulfilling different roles, but he has been far from impressive. Although, this roster is definitely not looking to win the LCS, it seems that last place is not where they will end up either.
With losses against TIP and Dignitas, and their only win coming against Liquid, Renegades has had one of the easiest schedules so far. Yet, they have not been able to capitalize on it. Renegades is looking like a last place at the moment. Hopefully Monte can teach them how to rotate around the map and maybe they will not be relegated.

9) Liquid:
The 10 man roster they released before the season started might be useful. With a 1-3 start, coming back from a 12k gold deficit in their last game, it is safe to say that Team Liquid could easily be 0-4 today. Replacements and substitutes must be done immediately in the organization. Since Piglet came into the team, Liquid has never performed like a top-team in North America, if they want to claim such a spot, they better spice things up.

10) Echo Fox:
We learned that forfeiting games typically results in a loss.

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