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Head of the Hunt: Andy Miller

Michael Kanouse
Andy Miller is the visionary behind NRG Esports. In November of 2015 he delved into the world of esports with fellow Sacramento Kings co-owner Mark...
Halo Pokemon Rocket League

3 Esports That Will Rise Up the Ranks in 2020

Robert Hanes
As 2020 nears, there is a new year for certain esports to leave their mark. Some are already established like League of Legends and CSGO....
Rocket League

Can South America or Oceania Make an Upset Run at the Rocket League World Championship?

Connor Sanders
Playing in one of the outer realms of the Rocket League world must be so difficult. Options for scrims with high-level competition can be slim....

Where Are They Now? APEX Season 3 Finals: KongDoo Panthera

Gabby "Tattletale" Hidalgo
  Before the League: KongDoo Panthera In APEX, KongDoo Panthera never quite reached the heights of Lunatic-Hai. However, their truly impressive achievement is in the...
Rocket League

Rocket League Would Be Nothing Without Its Parents (Part 2)

Connor Sanders
This is part two of The Game Haus’ feature story on Rocket League esports’ unsung heroes, Rocket League parents. If you missed part one, it’s...
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