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Top 3 Things to Watch as NBA Season Closes


There are many storylines heading into the final three days of the NBA season that will captivate the NBA fans. Here are some of the biggest things to watch for in these final three days of the season.

First off, Kobe Bryant has just two games remaining in his storied career. He has accomplished a great deal in his career. Kobe sits at 33,535 career points which is third all-time and that is where he will sit after these last two games. It would be impossible to get to second all time.

He has been to seven NBA finals and has won five of them. He is a three time olympic gold medalist for the United States of America.

He is a two time finals MVP and a one time league MVP. He is an 18 time All-Star, 15 time all-NBA team selection, and a 12 time All-Defensive team selection. He also won a dunk contest in 1997.

Kobe holds 30 NBA records, many of which were because he did things younger than anyone else had. Kobe has hit countless game winners to go along with the rest of his amazing accolades.

He will be remembered as one of the greatest players in NBA history and as a champion but what he may be remembered the most for is his 81-point game against the Toronto Raptors on January 22, 2006. It was an epic performance that we may never see anything like it again. The greatest players are remembered by one name. Kobe is no exception. It was an amazing career and there will never be another like the Black Mamba.

One of the biggest questions in the Eastern conference is who will beat the Cavaliers or can someone beat the Cavaliers? The Hawks will get to play the Cavaliers on April 11 to prove they are capable and a win would give the Hawks confidence as they are three seed.

On the final day of the regular season the Pistons will be heading to Cleveland to prove to themselves they could upset the Cavaliers if the Pistons stay as the eighth seed.

This may be the hardest playoff run in LeBron’s career because the Raptors are a great team and the possibility of facing the Heat in the playoffs would also be a huge hurdle to overcome. The Celtics would also be a tough team to play against for the Cavaliers. I am not sure who will upset the Cavaliers but someone will and this will be the year LeBron is dethroned in the east.

The biggest storyline of the final three days is whether the Warriors break the Bulls record of wins in a season with only one game to go. It is going to be a historic game in the bay at Oracle Arena against Memphis on the final day of the regular season on April 13th. The Warriors either finish tied with the Bulls or they will surpass them and win their 73rd game. It always was a record that seemed untouchable.

The Warriors just came off their biggest win of the year. They gave San Antonio their first loss of the year at home. It ended the Warriors streak of 33 straight losses in a row in San Antonio. Steph Curry scored 37 points and looked like the best player on the court bar none. The Warriors will have enormous pressure on them to break the record.

All eyes will be on them on the last day of the regular season. This team has proven they can handle the spotlight as the defending champions and have remained calm during the entire year through the talk of the record. The only thing standing in their way of this record is Monday and Tuesday. They are just waiting for the game to start because when it does, the record will fall and the Warriors will stand as the team with the most wins ever in a NBA regular season.

The regular season is coming to an end. There is still so much excitement to look forward to and it is almost Christmas time for NBA fans as the second seasons approaches in just three days. Hang on and get ready for the last shots as Kobe puts up his last shots and maybe we see him beat the buzzer one last time.

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