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Wild Rift Ornn Leaked: Potential New Champion

Wild Rift Ornn

In a recent data mine, a player discovered evidence of Wild Rift Ornn potential release. The specific datamine showed data for Yuumi and Aatrox, with Ornn on the picture and Taliyah as the profile picture. Seeing as how they’re all mechanically simple champions, their additions to Wild Rift stands as a very real possibility. With January typically marking huge changes for Riot Games’ products, such a release is not unprecedented. In fact, Riot’s stream on Friday will almost surely confirm these champions. Though difficult to predict if they’ll all be announced, expect confirmation on at least one of the four champions.

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Ornn Overview

Time to go into specifics of Ornn as a champion. The horned Freljordian spirit plays as a tank. He soaks up damage and deals phenomenal CC. Headbutting enemies into walls knocks them up, an ability aided by Ornn’s capability to create his own portable pillars. In addition, Ornn’s ultimate also utilizes his headbutt, sending out an area of effect wave similar to Nami’s ultimate. And just like Nami, the move knocks up enemies hit. All things considered, Ornn functions as a front line damage absorber who provides excellent lock down.

But seeing as how tanks aren’t played all that much in Wild Rift as of late, would Ornn really be that useful? Well, without a doubt Ornn’s addition would definitely help evolve the meta. Unique to Ornn’s champion kit is his ability to purchase items outside of base. In other words, he doesn’t have to go back to complete his item builds. Take the climate of Wild Rift’s laning into consideration. The laning phase, thanks to fruits, tends to become a grit of attrition. Whoever stays in lane longer acquires more gold, and snowballs a lead. Of course, take downs contribute heavily to this. But to acquire takedowns, players need to buy, which creates a mix strategy necessary to overcome the opponent.

By simply buying items without going back, Ornn’s wave control and lane priority increases. And in addition, Ornn upgrades items for his entire team. Assuming this mechanic remains unchanged in Wild Rift, having Ornn on a team significantly increases its scaling potential, allowing for absurdly great late game fights. This could very well change team composition strategies drastically.

In Conclusion

The release of these champions, including Wild Rift Ornn, is very probable, but not guaranteed. Therefore, take the information provided here with a grain of salt. Nothing has been officially revealed, and the content provided was discovered by dataminers. This correlates to strong evidence of the releases, but until the Riot Game stream on Friday of this week, nothing is guaranteed. Wild Rift Ornn alongside the rest of the teased champions would definitely be great additions to Wild Rift, evolving the state of the game forward.

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