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Wild Rift Yuumi Leaked: Potential New Champion

Wild Rift Yuumi

In a recent data mine, a player discovered evidence of Wild Rift Yuumi potential release. The specific datamine showed data for Yuumi and Aatrox, with Ornn on the picture and Taliyah as the profile picture. Seeing as how they’re all mechanically simple champions, their additions to Wild Rift stands as a very real possibility. With January typically marking huge changes for Riot Games’ products, such a release is not unprecedented. In fact, Riot’s stream on Friday will almost surely confirm these champions. Though difficult to predict accuracy, expect confirmation on at least one of the four champions.

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Yuumi Overview

The cat champion stands as one of the most simple champions in League of Legends. Attaching onto an ally, Yuumi becomes invulnerable while providing heals, barriers, and extra movement speed to the ally. Consider Yuumi a gun attachment, where the attachment adds extra fire power but doesn’t have functionality on its own. In essence, once Yuumi detaches from an ally, the pick is incredibly vulnerable. Squishy body, weak damage, and slow movement speed, a solo Yuumi really is just bait for the enemy team to hunt down.

Depending on Yuumi’s stats, the pick definitely has potential to be absurdly broken. Wild Rift enchanter supports typically share a common weakness: fragility. Because of their vulnerable play styles, other powerful damage picks typically burst the supports down with an all in engage. Yuumi, on the other hand, can easily abuse her invulnerability. In addition, supports gain passive gold by standing near dying minions. By simply attaching onto an ally, Yuumi gains gold, provides buffs, and may realistically carry the game.

And unlike other enchanter supports that struggle to roam due to lack of CC and risk of getting caught out, Yuumi easily attaches to the allied jungler to coast through the game.

In Conclusion

The release of these champions, including Wild Rift Yuumi, is very probable, but not guaranteed. Therefore, take the information provided here with a grain of salt. Nothing has been officially revealed, and the content provided was discovered by dataminers. This correlates to strong evidence of the releases, but until the Riot Game stream on Friday of this week, nothing is guaranteed. Wild Rift Yuumi alongside the rest of the teased champions would definitely be great additions to Wild Rift, evolving the state of the game forward.

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