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New VALORANT Agent: Raze

With the Closed Beta Launch, a new VALORANT Agent has been revealed for the first time. Raze will be a much more offensive Agent. Listed and shown below are their abilities. It will start with their passive and then each ability in order.

Duelist: Duelist are self-sufficient fraggers who their team expects, through abilities and skills, to get high frags and seek out engagement first.

Blast Pack: Instantly throw a Blast Pack that will stick to the surfaces. Re-Use the ability after deployment to detonate, damaging and moving anything hit.

Paint Shells: Equip a cluster grenade. Fire to throw the grenade, which does damage and creates sub-munitions, each doing damage to anyone in their range.

Boom Bot: Equip a Boom Bot. Fire will deploy the bot, causing it to travel in a straight line on the ground, bouncing off walls. The Boom Bot will lock on to any enemies in its frontal cone and chase them, exploding for heavy damage if it reaches them.

Showstopper: Equip a rocket launcher. Fire shoots a rocket that does massive area damage on contact with anything.

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