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VALORANT Updates Patch 2.07 Notes

Rene Campbell
On April 13, VALORANT’s Patch 2.07 released. After Viper’s rework from the last update, players were expecting some major rework. Read more for the overview...

Gallery of Every VALORANT Gun and Melee Skin at Launch

Robert Hanes
The day has come, VALORANT is now live. With the official launch comes a new agent, map, battle pass and of course, new knife and...

Every Known VALORANT Gun and Knife Skin

Robert Hanes
There are many different gun skins for each individual gun and knife in VALORANT. This won’t change as there will be more added as the...

This Week’s Available VALORANT Gun Skins

Robert Hanes
For those who do not know, the shop in VALORANT is constantly changing. Instead of having every skin available at all times, they switch it...

VALORANT Agent Tier List Patch .49: Sage Continues to Dominate

Robert Hanes
VALORANT patch .49 brought some major changes to a few agents along with ranked mode for the first time. People are already starting to reach...
Dota 2 Esports

DOTA 2: The Evolution of OpenAI

Matt Mead
It’s easy to quip about AI being the end of humanity, making references to Terminator all the while. You’ll see that we’re not entirely above...
Rocket League

Season four begins

Ryan McElroy
We’re just days away from season four of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) and inaugural Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS). It’s finally time to...