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3 Brimstone Smoke Locations for Attacking on Bind

Attacking can be very scary at times in VALORANT. If the team doesn’t have the credits for proper guns, or the defenders have been holding strong, certain pushes seem impossible in pivotal moments. Sometimes all the team needs is a little space to work with, and Brimstone’s smokes can do just the job.  Smokes are extremely helpful in denying enemy vision of the attacking team, as well as putting the enemy in dangerous peeking spots in order to scout the attackers. With just a few well-coordinated pushes, attacking with smokes can help the team get right back into it.

Attacking B Through Window

Pushing through A Window, or commonly referred to as “Hookah” is an excellent low economy strategy for a quick plant. The issue is the dangerous position the attacking team has to push through a small corridor that the defending team can easily peek safely. Placing smokes in certain areas will significantly reduce the threat of an enemy sight line.

An easy smoke from market will work wonders in conducting a safe entry into B Site for the attackers. Because Brimstone does need to step a few steps out from market, it is extremely important for the team to protect him while he has his mini-map active. The smoke circle will need to be at the top of the mini-map, with a section of the smoke covering the small corner of the map.

Placing a smoke to block the defender hallway is a good start. However there will be moments a defender will hide closer to the window, hoping for a cheeky kill. By placing a precision smoke just outside of hookah, the defenders will need to rotate around point to a more vulnerable spot in order to watch the attackers funnel through. The below smoke blocks enemy sight from both the main hallway entrance and the close “cubby” position.

If the attacking team wants more defense, Brimstone can use a second smoke to block off the B-Long position as well. The additional smoke provides cover from the B-Long cubby, leaving B-site “elbow” and B-site “boxes” as areas attackers need to check while advancing onto site.

With the two smokes onto site, and the team clears potential defender locations, the attacking team can easily plant the bomb in a close spot where the team can watch the bomb from hookah.

Attacking A Through Mid

Attacking A site on Bind is a little trickier of a task for most teams as A site is large and provides plenty of cover for defenders. Luckily, well-placed Brimstone smokes can cut the point in half, allowing for an easy plant for attackers. The key for pushing through mid is denying vision in the longer defender sight lines. Those distant defender positions are tricky for attackers to push into, but proper smoke provide the cover needed for attacker advancement.

Three smokes are best for attacking A site, as they cut-off the most dangerous defending positions. One smoke in A-Lamps (Or U-Hall) allows for passage into mid and access to the teleporter. Another smoke in front of bathroom entrance prevents the defenders from using a safe off-angle. The last smoke goes on top of the car on A site, as it blocks the always important heaven sight line. The advantage of these smokes is that Brimstone can safely call these in from a spawn position.

These three smokes allow for a safer plant close to car, with defensive options in holding A-lamps, mid hallway, and teleporter if the team needs to escape. The only area the attackers will need to check is the close corner across from the teleport entrance. While it is a dangerous spot for the defenders, there are still a few moments where people will hide in odd positions.

Attacking A Through Bathroom

For a little twist on attacking routes, pushing through bathroom could be something attackers can do to surprise the defense. Running through bathroom is a little dangerous, as the choke can be very tight for several players to push through at once. The smokes needed for a bathroom push are similar to the mid-smokes, but the small differences are important.

Most notably, the smokes for bathroom are tougher to push through, as they are closer to the bathroom door. They need to be close, as Brimstone cannot reach the heaven position for a smoke without getting into a dangerous position. From spawn, Brimstone can deny the heaven angle as well as the A Lamp angle.

These smokes again cut the site in half and allow the attackers to get a quick plant down. The key to this push is winning the bathroom fight, as some defenders will push deep into the bathroom area in order to capture the ultimate orb.

Be Ready When the Smokes Fade

Getting the bomb down is crucial to putting pressure on the defense. But when the smokes dissipate and the point opens up again, the attackers need to be ready to stop the re-take. Brimstone’s smokes last for 15 seconds before dissolving, meaning attackers have just about 10 seconds to execute the push and set back up. Make sure to have a plan when the site becomes wide open.

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