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TFT Update 7/1: Tier 2 and 3 Units Spawn More, Demons Get Buffed and More

TFT July 1 patch

On July 1, it was announced by August Browning, Senior Champ designer with LoL and TFT, via Twitter that some patch changes would be coming to TFT. Here is the announcement.

This is a particularly interesting patch, giving buffs to several different champs and changing the drop rate frequencies of different tiers of champs throughout the game. Here’s a quick breakdown of how players may begin to optimize this new change.

Build Fast or Sell

In the new system, tier 2 and tier 3 champions begin dropping more frequently early on in stages 2, 3 and 4. This means that if players want to maximize tier 1 champs, they need to do so quickly. Specifically, the safest bet is to get those tier 1 champs to level 2 or 3 prior to round 4, or sell them if unable.

Here is the new drop rate chart, followed by the old one for comparison:

TFT July 1 patch
New Tier Drop Rates
TFT July 1 patch
Old Tier Drop Rates


More Buffs Than Nerfs

In the new update, several heroes received fairly substantial buffs in mana cost reduction and attack speed. Of those listed, the changes to Kennen, Poppy, and Veigar seem to be the most substantial, receiving buffs in multiple aspects of their kits.

Also, as a whole, keep an eye on Demons and their viability in the game. Several demons received buffs and the class as a whole is a definite priority of this patch.

The complete changes can be seen below:

TFT July 1 patch
Complete July 1 Buffs/Nerfs


Stay tuned for more patch updates as well as more information soon to come about a potential competitive game mode here, at The Game Haus



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