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Overwatch San Francisco Shock

Takeaways from the New Shock Signings: Part 1 – Nero

Matthew Kennedy
The San Francisco Shock announced November 30 that they signed Charlie “Nero” Zwarg. This comes as he was allegedly in the final stages of talks...
Call of Duty Gaming

The Huntsmen in Warzone – Code Green Tournament

Michael Kanouse
Cash App Code Green $50k Warzone Tournament Call of Duty: Warzone has just dropped and it is a top-class battle royale. While the Call of...
Overwatch Washington Justice

Interview with Stratus on the Justice’s Trip to DC and the Legend of the Tolietman

Connor Knudsen
Ethan “Stratus” Yankel is one of the quirkiest and most positive players in the OWL. The Justice’s projectile DPS player is constantly doing hilarious things,...
Rocket League

Rocket Launching’s Return: Discussing Expansion and G2’s Resurrection

Connor Sanders
ROCKET LAUNCHING IS BACK, BOYS. It’s been 63 days since my last Rocket League column. I’m sorry about that. Who would have known that a...
Call of Duty Esports Gaming

Head of the Hunt: Andy Miller

Michael Kanouse
Andy Miller is the visionary behind NRG Esports. In November of 2015 he delved into the world of esports with fellow Sacramento Kings co-owner Mark...