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PUBG Global Championship: The Final Qualifiers

PUBG Global Championship

With the PUBG Global Championship closer than ever, the roster has finally been filled with all of the teams that will be competing. The qualifiers from Japan, Latin America, Oceania and TWHKMO are in, and they are looking to shake up the competition. Many of these teams are strong competitors that are going to bring a lot to the table. They all have a lot of potential, and there is no doubt that the teams that qualified before them are already on the lookout.

The Japanese Qualifiers

PUBG Global Championship
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First up are the Japanese qualifiers. Rascal Jester and SunSister are the two teams that will be coming in, and both of them will be ones to watch. Rascal Jester have a lot of wins under their belt, and are coming off a first-place finish in the PUBG Japan Series Season 4. They have really taken off toward the second half the year, and they will be looking to carry their momentum into the PUBG Global Championship. SunSister came in second behind them in the last phase of their league, and they also know how to win a Chicken Dinner. They are a very powerful team, and they consistently finish in the top half of the table. They will be just as dangerous coming onto the international level.

The Latin American Qualifiers

PUBG Global Championship
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Coming from Latin America, the Red Canids and WClick will be coming into battle. The Red Canids are a big-time competitor, winning Phase 3 of the GLL LATAM Masters. They will be looking to show how much they deserve to be there by asserting their dominance as fast as they can. They have been on the global stage before, so they will be happy to return. WClick are a newer team that has broken onto the scene recently. With not too much history behind them, they will have a lot to prove, and this is the perfect stage for them to show off their strengths.

The Oceanic Qualifiers

PUBG Global Championship
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From Oceania, we have Vendetta and Athletico joining the roster. Vendetta are a newer side from Australia that was created during Phase 2 by former Chiefs players. They won their championship finals, and they are looking to add more gold to their names. Athletico are an experienced side that have solid experience on the global level. They finished second in the GLL Grand Slam and won the regular season of their home league. They will be looking for another big finish as they continue to grow as a team.

The TWHKMO Qualifiers

Finally, the TWHKMO qualifiers are Global Esports Xsset and ahq e-Sports Club. Xsset have not finished in a first-place position yet, but they have been very close. They are coming off a solid third, and second place finish in their league, and they will be hoping that they can keep the momentum going to the top. This will be their first global experience. Teams will have to watch out for ahq, because they are one of the most decorated teams in the PUBG Global Championship. They have eight first place finishes and, on top of that, they have competed on the global level. With all of this power and experience, they could be a favorite to win it all.

Tune in again for more coverage of the PUBG Global Championship.

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