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Washington Justice Main Tank LullSiSH to miss the start of the season

The Washington Justice recently announced that Main tank player Lukas “LullSiSH” Wiklund will not be part of the squad at the start of the season due to Visa issues. The team is set to play this weekend and will have to field ELLIVOTE and rOar as their tank lineup.

This news also confirms that ELLIVOTE and rOar have been scrimming together. The team landed in their DC home a few weeks ago and have been scrimming since. It is not clear how long the duo will be separated. You can read more about Washington’s Strengths and Weaknesses in their season preview.

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按数字进行的审判:第2周华盛顿司法统计 皇马电竞竞猜 _ 皇马电竞竞猜 February 20, 2020 at 6:39 am

[…] 与Elliot“ ELLIVOTE” Vanyard一起领先,不仅因为该队187场淘汰赛而将他排在了前五名联盟。统计数据还指出了关于ELLIVOTE和他的队友Chang-hoon“ rOar” Gye的叙事,他是联盟中的顶级坦克线。截止到赛季末,在伤害封锁中领先联盟的是r0ar,造成175,846点伤害,在坦克英雄伤害中排名第7,至6,367.6点,在对坦克的最终打击中排名第5,至6.7。 ELLIVOTE补充了r0ar的主战坦克打法,同时将18.6的坦克淘汰赛排在第6位,以0.7的单杀数排名第4,最后以第二高的障碍伤害仅次于费城融合的Seung-hyun“ Ivy” Lee这个周末后有67,687人。尽管有签证​​的问题,但华盛顿司法部在过去一周的串联式坦克上还算不错。 […]


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