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Top 5 Notes from Into the Dynasty, On the Brink

The Dynasty this week released another look into the team. This is the second episode that focuses on the team being on the edge of success and failure. When the team does give content, it is high quality. There was a lot to dissect in the 10-minute video. The video had interviews, practice clips, game footage, and reaction clips. Here are the top five takeaways from the video.

#1 Unhappy with their Performance

The video showed the atmosphere of the team. A major takeaway was that the team are self-aware of the problems that are plaguing their season. It wasn’t just a verbal iteration of the player’s feelings, but also the player’s body language showed all the emotions that they were feeling. Losing is painful. The moment that encapsulated it was the clip when the Dynasty were reverse swept by the Spark. The sadness was etched in their faces and their bodies sagged after that loss. The players talked about how it doesn’t sit well with them when they start out strong in a match but are unable to finish it out. They are self-critical and constantly trying to improve to show a better version of themselves.

#2: The Mental and Physical Strain

Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang was one that had a good amount of interview time. To many of the fans, Tobi is held dearly as he is one of the original members of the team. The haunting image of Tobi crying at the end of Season 2 is something that the fans don’t want to experience again. Tobi talks about the struggle that he and the players go through. It is not only mentally difficult but also physically hard for them all.

The silver lining is that instead of splintering apart from the pressure and stress of losing, the team is sticking together, even more, to get through it all. The clips show that even the players that are not playing are with the coaches watching. In past seasons there were some teams that had players who were not scheduled to play, who stay at home. It was nice to see that the Seoul coaches recognize the mental weight that the players feel and try to lessen the burden.

#3 Hyunwoo ‘Toyou’ Lim

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty Youtube

The coaches briefly touched on the addition of Toyou. The video was built around the debut match of Toyou during the Countdown Cup. Toyou brings a change in the team dynamic. Wizardhyeong, who has worked with both the NYXL and the Washington Justice, mentioned in an interview that of all the players he has worked with, Toyou is one of the most hard-working players that he has seen. Toyou’s dual monitor shows that one is just filed up with notes. He doesn’t feel like he is currently living up to his full potential as he felt as if he was still making crucial mistakes.

#4. Map Strategies

It was interesting to hear that the Seoul Dynasty has focused on some maps more than others. In a clip it showed the Seoul Dynasty coach talk about taking the predicted loss on Anubis as they had not practiced that map so that Seoul could bring the Spark to a more prepared map for the team to win on. The strategic loss is an interesting approach, especially considering the position that the Dynasty were in at that time. It makes the fans wonder how many of the map three losses were a strategic loss. There’s some sense it would be more important to be highly prepared on a selection of maps than average on all maps. In that specific series, the next map of Route 66 was a loss that brought the team back to a tie breaker control map.

#5 English? Korean?

Seoul Dynasty on the Brink
Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty’s Youtube

The Seoul Dynasty have always been very cognizant of both English/International and Korean fans. It was interesting to see the choice that Gen.G went with game footage that was from the English stream. This may be for the fact that the team has a lot of international fans that speak English, but behind Tobi in a clip shows the NA stream up. How much do the Dynasty use the Korean and NA stream in their preparation and planning? Does this give them any tactical advantage being able to use both streams and casters’ analysis?

The Seoul Dynasty on the Brink

The Dynasty revealed a lot of their hardships in this video, but also the camaraderie that this team has for each other. Yes, the Dynasty is on the Brink, the brink of something great. The Tiger Nation can only hope that the next video will be more celebratory content as the season comes to an end.

To watch the whole video click here


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