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Overwatch: Nerf Blasters Revealed

Overwatch: Nerf Blasters revealed

The BlizzCon weekend was a blast for Overwatch fans. Korea got their third world cup, the United Kingdom achieved the greatest upset in World Cup history which you can read about here, Ashe & Bob made their debut, and we got a new cinematic featuring McCree and the Deadlock Gang.

But apart from everything in-game, we were also shown more outside of the Overwatch universe. While LEGO had a massive D.Va statue on the floor to promote their new line of sets, which you can check out here, we also got to try something special, interactive, and new.

Nerf, the the toy blaster brand owned by Hasbro, has been teasing for a couple months a new arsenal. All based on the weapons of your favorite heroes. It all started on May when this tweet was published.

Now, for BlizzCon, Nerf and Blizzard decided to show their physical products to the world and let the fans try them in a shooting range with life-size cut-outs of heroes like Ashe and McCree. The guns featured are included in the Nerf Rival range, which are designed for adults. Instead of firing the regular foam darts, this line uses small round projectiles. They are set to be released in January 2019. But enough about that, let’s check them out.

What’re You Lookin’ at?

Overwatch: Nerf Blasters revealed
Courtesy of GameStop

The first on the list are Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns, revealed on July. They will be available in a box of two and will also include a replica of Reaper’s mask. These guns are able to fire their projectiles at speeds of up to 90 feet per second and each will be able to hold eight rounds. The full box will be available $129.99.

Even though in-game, Reaper has a particular way of reloading, we don’t recommend doing it in real life since tossing around the guns in real life. The pair seem to come in a white and black color, with raised Nerf and Overwatch logos on the side. Reaper’s mask also has a strap so you can put it on and pretend to be Overwatch’s biggest edgelord.

Overwatch: Nerf blasters revealed
Courtesy of GameStop

Is this Easy Mode?

Even before stealing the show at Gamescom with the animated short “Shooting Star” earlier in August, none other than D.Va’s Bunny Blaster was revealed for the line. With the hanging pink bunny charm, this weapon can hold up to three little projectiles and fire them at 80 feet per second. It also features recoil action with every shot. This pistol can be bought for $29.99.

It’s featured in D.Va’s classic pink, therefore this blaster gives us everything we could have wished for in a replica. And even though it’s small in size, it can pack quite a punch.

Overwatch: Nerf Blasters revealed
Courtesy of GameStop

Wanted: Dead or Alive.

On BlizzCon 2018, alongside the release of the animated short “Reunion”, what could have been a better gun to show than McCree’s. The famous Peacekeeper comes with six projectiles and has a reactive hammer, a swing-open barrel, a spinning spur and even a ready indicator. It fires at speeds of 80 feet per second and can be purchased for $39.99.

The gun comes in white with a brown handle. Above all, it even comes with a collectible badge, the same one McCree keeps on his hat.

Overwatch: Nerf Blasters revealed
Courtesy of GameStop


A different line of pistols was also shown as BlizzCon. Micro-Shots are smaller versions of what you regularily see in Nerf’s line of blasters. They fire the more common foam darts, each having one. They’ll follow the designs of Tracer’s Pulse Gun, Torbjörn’s Rivet Gun, and D.Va’s Light Gun. You can get these for $9.99 each.

These weapons are a lot less detailed than the ones in their bigger line. At least for D.Va’s, which is the one we’ve seen, the differences can be noticed, but for the price, it can be forgiven.

Right now you can pre-order all of these in Game Stop’s website here, they’re all set to be released on January 1st, just as we enter 2019.

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