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Spark Hire Former Titans Head Coach paJion

Spark paJion

The Hangzhou Spark made a big splash today by bringing in Ji-Sub paJion Hwang as their new assistant coach. The announcement was made on social media early Wednesday morning. This move comes off of a plethora of different roster changes the team has made including letting go of former assistant coach, Jung “yeah” Young-su. 

paJion is best known initially for coaching the famed NA team: Fusion University (now known as T1 in Contenders Korea). The majority of which have now been promoted to the OWL including the likes of Beast, Alarm and WhoRu. On top of that, the Korean coach also had a stint with the former RunAway 1.0 squad with the Vancouver Titans. This short partnership helped the team go all the way from Korean Contenders champions to Overwatch League Grand Finals runner-ups. 

After the sudden collapse and re-build of the Titans, paJion unfortunately had to leave the team. But he has now made his way to Hangzhou in hopes of rekindling his recent successes.

With new, high caliber additions like paJion and Architect, the Spark look poised to turn their season around.


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