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Broadcast.gg Announced as Official English Commentators for Contenders SA, CN

In a tweet made on July 7th, amateur esports commentary site broadcast.gg was announced as the primary commentary force for the South American and Chinese Overwatch Contenders broadcasts.

The announcement comes as no surprise to followers of the site. Their broadcasts of Contenders Trials and Open Division have gained the attention of industry giants like Chris Chhopsky and OWL caster Mitch “Uber” Leslie, who frequently reviews casters’ performances on his Twitch Channel. Now it seems Blizzard themselves have taken notice of their work.

Photo Courtesy of Overwatch Contenders

So What Do These Guys Do, Exactly?

Broadcast.gg provides resources and training for aspiring casters, hosts and analysts. Handy how-to’s and video production guides are plentiful there, and organizations can request observers and casters for their own events. For those in the industry, broadcast.gg is an easy one-stop shop when they’re on the hunt for a new MC. Those in the BGG community can develop a portfolio through volunteer work, making them far more desirable in the process. Everybody wins!

History Has Its Eye On You

As mentioned above, BGG has attracted some pretty major attention lately. The Contenders partnership is the most recent (and arguably most important) gig for the website, but hardly the first. Its coverage of Contenders Trials and Open Division is extensive and longstanding, and that’s not even mentioning the plethora of amateur work they do. These efforts keep BGG relevant in an unforgiving amateur esports scene – no easy feat. While the site’s longevity is only as good as its talent, they’ve had no shortage of willing volunteers. With season two of the Overwatch League quickly approaching, and plenty of talk about expansion, there’s almost no doubt that the League will be watching for its next front desk star.

Speaking of Stars…

BGG has already seen some pretty impressive work. John “KickedTripod” Horstmann has earned a good bit of attention as the primary host for BGG’s broadcasts- enough to make a decent push for Team USA’s Community Lead position, even. Casters like Eren “Kenobi” Erkey and analysts like Chris “boopasaurus”  Lessard are also featured prominently.

These three aren’t all BGG has to offer, though, and any volunteer could be the next Uber if they put their mind to it. While the grind is vicious, the reward is massive – a chance at a spot in Overwatch League history. Sounds good, right?


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Featured Image Courtesy of Broadcast.gg

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