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Esports Overwatch

Liam_OW: Contenders Trials, the World Cup, and Irish Overwatch

Matthew Kennedy
2019 marked a standout year for Overwatch in Ireland. Fielding a team for the Overwatch World Cup for the first time since 2016, they spearheaded...
Esports Overwatch

Overwatch Contenders: The Best Unsigned Players

Ethan Cowan-Kazmi
The tier two scene in Overwatch is unforgiving. There are many players who are very talented and would make great teammates on academy and Overwatch...
Esports Overwatch

Overwatch: Interview with Jeromy “Moopey” Lensky

Connor Knudsen
Much like the legendary hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, Jeromy “Moopey” Lensky has traveled far and seen a great many different folk. While Bilbo traversed Middle Earth,...
Esports Overwatch

Overwatch: What to be Thankful for This Offseason

Zach Stenzel
The return of the Overwatch League is three months away. While fans countdown the days until February 14 (83 days, to be exact), there is...
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