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Trade Candidates for Jake DeBrusk

Trade Candidates for Jake DeBrusk

Earlier this month, Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk requested a trade after a slow start to the year and some healthy scratches. Coming into the league, DeBrusk looked like he was going to be a star for the Bruins. He scored 16 goals and 43 points in his rookie season and he followed that up with 27 goals in his sophomore year. But in the pandemic shortened year, DeBrusk only managed 14 total points across 41 games. This season hasn’t been much better, but he’s still only 25. There’s room for DeBrusk to grow his game and find that scoring stroke he had across his first three NHL seasons. Here are some of the teams that could look to try and trade for Jake DeBrusk this season. 

New York Rangers

Jake DeBrusk Trade

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One of the biggest concerns for this red-hot Rangers team is their depth at the wing. This reigns especially true after the newly acquired right-winger Sammy Blais suffered an ACL injury that ended his season. In this regard, DeBrusk seems like a solid candidate to fill the void. Despite being a left-winger by trade, DeBrusk has been used as a second-line right-winger often with the Bruins. Add his plentiful playoff experience with the Bruins, and this trade makes a lot of sense for an upgrade to their middle six. This trade makes sense for the Bruins as well as the Rangers could repay them with another high potential young winger. The 21 year old winger Vitali Kravtsov expressed a desire to be traded from the New York Rangers earlier this season. A DeBrusk-Kravtsov swap gives the chance for two disgruntled wingers to start anew elsewhere. 

Ottawa Senators

For the Ottawa Senators, DeBrusk could be a big piece towards their rebuild. They’re not a particularly talented team so adding a player like DeBrusk would give them some more legitimacy. TSN reporter Bruce Garrioch also added that the Senators were already interested in DeBrusk this previous offseason. This shows that they do envision a significant role for him in their long-term plans. In addition, their status as a rebuilding club will allow them to have some patience with DeBrusk if his struggles continue.

Jake DeBrusk Trade
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The only problem with this trade is that it makes very little sense for the Bruins. With the Senators being a division rival, the Bruins wouldn’t want to help their competition improve. Also, the Senators really don’t have anything significant to offer the Bruins in return. As a playoff contender, it’s hard to believe the Bruins would be satisfied with picks and or prospects. If the Senators aren’t offering an NHL-ready player, the Bruins may not be inclined to make a deal with them. Regardless, everyone has a price and so the Senators still could be in the running depending on how Don Sweeney values draft picks in a deal. 

Chicago Blackhawks

Jake DeBrusk Trade
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The Blackhawks haven’t been playing well and could benefit from an upgrade to their forward group. They rank near the bottom of the league in total goals scored and someone like DeBrusk could help fix that. He’s a player who, at his best, can get upwards of 20 goals and around 40 total points. His offensive game has hit a decline in these past two seasons, but a change of scenery can help change that. Having him work with talented players like Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews could help jump-start his goal-scoring abilities.

The Blackhawks also have a valuable trade asset to send to the Bruins in exchange with Dylan Strome. Strome has been subject to multiple healthy scratches after struggling over the last two seasons. It’s clear that, like DeBrusk, Strome needs to start fresh with another club. The Bruins would benefit from having another center/wing to use on their third line. Overall, this swap makes a lot of sense for both clubs and seems like a highly possible deal.

Saint Louis Blues

Jake DeBrusk Trade
Courtesy of Boston Herald

It’s reported that the Blues have been interested in DeBrusk in the past, and are again now. What makes the Blues interesting as a contender is Vladimir Tarasenko. Despite the team’s good start, Tarasenko hasn’t yet rescinded his trade request from the summer. This leaves open the possibility of the Bruins using DeBrusk as a piece to try and land the Blues’ star winger. Obviously given the two teams’ cap situations, this would be far more complicated than a one-for-one deal.

But if this kind of deal were to happen, it works out well for both franchises. The Bruins would be able to use DeBrusk to elevate their team even further amidst a crowded field in the East. And for the Blues, they’d get a player they’ve coveted for a while and, in addition, trade away a high salary, disgruntled player in Tarasenko. Of course, this scenario isn’t a certainty and it is possible that the Blues just want to add DeBrusk for depth after their quality start to the year. They do have some other players of value they could offer the Bruins, including David Perron.

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