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The Carson Wentz Conflict Continues

The Carson Wentz Conflict Continues

While the Philadelphia Eagles season is over, there are no signs of Eagles news reports slowing down anytime soon. The Carson Wentz conflict continues to remain a prominent story throughout the NFL season. Once again, the reports have arrived regarding negative aspects of Wentz on the team and in the locker room. Previous comments believed to come from multiple players and coaches regarding Wentz as a teammate and a leader have resurfaced. Despite the information being thrown around the media, there was not enough credibility to take it seriously. Yet, after recent reports, those comments have gained leverage as being truer than people have previously thought.

Wentz’s Struggles with Coaches

The Carson Wentz Conflict Continues
Carson Wentz with Press Taylor | Image courtesy of The Philadelphia Inquirer

Wentz has been in the hot seat for quite some time and he will remain there for a while. His god-awful 2020 season was punishing for fans and the organization to watch. Philadelphia thought it was the right choice to sign Wentz to a $100 million+ contract. Yet, that big decision has been highly questioned lately. Now, Wentz is continuing to face the scrutiny of what others have said about him around the team. Plenty of reports have surfaced addressing the issue that Wentz is not very coachable; Wentz’s coaches appear to be “working for him” which is what a source said in Jeff McLane’s recent article.

The Wentz/Pederson relationship is a direct correlation to difficulties faced with Wentz accepting coaching. While there is no definitive proof that the professional relationship was, as ESPN stated, “fractured”, it was clear that the relationship had shifted. Allegedly, Wentz has also struggled to accept coaching from assistant coaches, like Press Taylor, Mike Groh, Marty Mornhinweg and more. Their coaching styles didn’t complement Wentz, so there was pushback which ultimately led to very little success in the end. Wentz needs a clear authority figure to coach him and ensure that the instruction he receives is understood thoroughly. Wentz’s first quarterback coach John DeFillipo did just that, he pushed him, coached hard, and did demanded Wentz’s best. Frank Reich displayed a similar way of coaching Wentz, as well and it served him well. Surely it can’t be that simple, but it appears that having a coach who is no-nonsense and demands success is a large part of what Wentz needs again. While it is too late to accept any excuses for Wentz’s struggles, the solutions have become somewhat clearer.

Players Take Notice

Wentz’s refusal to accept coaching has caused some teammates to take notice and question whether or not he is right for Philly’s future. His resistance against coaching led to refusing blame for his mistakes which has damaged his locker room presence, according to McLane. Anonymous players have claimed that he makes excuses for the mistakes he makes on the field. These excuses led to little to no coaching to fix it because of their lost hope in his ability. When observing the reports that roll in, it is hard to forget the comments that allegedly came from Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor over a year ago. The comments highlighted his leadership qualities, how some players may be favorited over others, and plenty more. While the statements have never fully been analyzed pertaining to their overall truth they have become more relevant.

There are plenty of players who still support Wentz and believe that he will escape the hole he’s dug himself. Players like Fletcher Cox, Lane Johnson and Zach Ertz continue to think highly of Wentz, so there are glimmers of hope for him. As long as he has some supporting cast, Wentz will have the confidence to fix the problem.

Wentz Future with Philadelphia

The Carson Wentz Conflict Continues
Image courtesy of The Eagles Wire

Now, the issue with Wentz can be thoroughly addressed with Nick Sirianni as the new Eagles head coach. Sirianni needs to be the guy who will be hard on his players and demands success every day and if so then Wentz has a chance to prove the doubters wrong. While many people believe that Wentz will be traded this offseason, it is not appearing to be the case.

From the comments and thoughts of Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman, it is seeming like Wentz will have one more year to prove himself. The one-and-done deal will be a story to follow leading up to the next season and so forth. Whether the reports of trade demands and his unhappiness in Philadelphia are truthful or not, this one year will allow Wentz an opportunity to win everyone back. It will be an interesting offseason to watch the Wentz conflict unfold because absolutely anything can happen in a year.


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