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Game 1 Recaps

John Amis/Associated Press

John Amis/Associated Press

Pacers @ Raptors- The Toronto Raptors continue to struggle in the postseason. The pressure for the Raptors will be at an all-time high because game two is a must win. There is a lot to look forward to for the Raptors. Even though they dropped game one they out rebounded the Pacers 52-38. Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozan had bad games by their standards. The Raptors also shot an abysmal 38 percent from the field and 21 percent from the three point line. Toronto also committed 19 turnovers. It took all these things going wrong, and a phenomenal effort by Paul George for the Pacers to win this game. Look for the Raptors to come out strong in game two and even the series up at 1-1. It will be a big game for Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozan and they can absolutely not afford to go down 0-2 heading to Indiana.

Rockets @ Warriors- Did anyone expect anything different from the team that broke the single season win record and is trying to defend their crown? The Warriors dominated the game from start to finish and will do so for the remainder of the series. Curry’s ankle injury is a non issue because the Warriors are good enough to beat the Rockets without Curry if need be. The Warriors do not get the credit they deserve on the defensive end but that is where they are winning games. Their ability to force the Rockets into isolation basketball is what led to the majority of their success. If you were looking for the Rockets to upset the Warriors I have news for you- wake up. This series will be over in four, maybe five games, with or without the MVP.

Celtics @ Hawks- This was arguably the best game on Saturday in the NBA. It looks like it is going to be a long, tough series. The Hawks won by one point and the majority of the statistics would show that close of a game. The two teams were virtually identical in rebounds, offensive rebounds, turnovers and fast break points. The Hawks were able to do most of their damage in the paint and if you’re looking for a reason on why this game will prove the Hawks to be the eventual winners of the series all you can look at the Hawks 18.5 percent shooting from behind the three point line. They will shoot better in most games and that might be all that is needed to win these games. One big blow to the Celtics is the loss of Avery Bradley due to injury. He is expected to miss the remainder of the series due to his hamstring injury. That is a huge loss for the Celtics. Look for the Hawks to shoot better in game two and win another close game before heading to Boston.

Mavericks @ Thunder- The Thunder had to make a statement that said we don’t care who you are but we will run through you to get to the Finals. They did just that by beating the Mavericks 108-70. It was the most dominant playoff game for Durant and Westbrook and the lowest point total in Dallas Maverick playoff history. The Thunder dominated almost every aspect of the game. Durant mentioned earlier in the week that he was tired of feeling like the forgotten superstar in the NBA. It seems like he is out to prove that he is still a dominant force. The Mavericks are simply out matched in this series and it will be tough for them to win more than one game, if that. The Thunder will take a commanding 2-0 lead before heading to Dallas.

Pistons @ Cavaliers- The Pistons squandered away an opportunity to steal home court advantage. The game was tied 88-88 with 6:29 left and that is when the the Cavs began to pull away. The Pistons did a great job in keeping their turnovers to only 10 but they need to force more turnovers as they only forced four. The Pistons will not make this series easy on the Cavs but they are not good enough to beat them in a seven game series . Game two will be another close game and look for the Pistons to steal game two.

Hornets @ Heat-  Everything went right for the Heat on Sunday. They played a perfect game of basketball in route to a complete blowout of the Hornets. The Heat shot 57.6 percent from the field and an amazing 50 percent from three. They also out rebounded the Hornets 42-28. The Hornets seemed completely overwhelmed and outmatched in this game and it was mostly just playoff game jitters. The Hornets are young and inexperienced. This series should become tighter and game one should be an anomaly. With that said I still think the Heat win game two but in a much tighter game.

Grizzlies @ Spurs- The theme of the first round so far seems to be epic blowouts. This one was no different, and this one is expected. The Grizzlies have too many injuries and not enough talent. The Spurs have been great all year and this was no different. The Spurs used a total team effort offensively and defensively to dismantle the Grizzlies. This series will be a short one and the Spurs will roll again in game two.

Trailblazers @ Clippers- The Trailblazers are fighting an uphill battle. The Clippers on paper are a much better team and it showed in game one. Chris Paul and Black Griffin had outstanding games to lead the Clippers to an easy victory. The series won’t get close until it shifts to Portland because the Blazers are much better at home. Look for the Clippers to push this series to 2-0 but a much closer series when back in Portland.

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