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When is the Dr. Mundo Rework Release Date?

Mundo Rework Release Date

It is official, Dr. Mundo will be getting his rework. This comes after plenty of updates and teases about his rework and how they plan on doing it. During the League of Legends 2021 Livestream, they revealed a lot more information about Dr. Mundo. That said, fans may be wondering when the Dr. Mundo rework release date is? Here is a look at that information.

This has been updated: 5/25/2021

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Part of the Mundo Design Process
Previously Reworked Champions and a New Schedule

When Fiddlesticks and Volibear were decided, it was announced near the beginning of 2020. They subsequently came out two and five months later respectively. This is likely due to the fact that they are still working on brand new champions as well. With Riot saying that their plan is to come out with six champions a year, or one every two months, he will need to fit into this new schedule.

Apparently Nothing was Left off the Table

In this Developer Update, Riot confirmed that a reworked Dr. Mundo would be coming in 2021. Since then it had been silent until the Chinese League of Legends site revealed the next Champion Roadmap. Here it is stated that Dr Mundo should be coming soon. The same thing happened for Volibear around this time last year and then he was released in the middle of May.

With this in mind, it seems like the Dr Mundo Rework release date will be either with Patch 11.10 on May 12 or Patch 11.11 on May 26. Again this is an estimate based on the information that is currently known.

While this was a good guess the official Mundo release date will be with Patch 11.12 on Wednesday, June 9 2021.

There is the chance that they keep pushing Mundo back as well, but that would potentially interfere with their new champion release schedule. Either way, those who are looking forward to a new Mundo will not be waiting much longer.

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