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What is Known About Dr. Mundo’s Rework

Rework Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is the next League of Legends champion to get a rework. There are a lot of different things discussed in the initial Developer Update. In the latest Developer Update, Riot brought Mundo back up with brand new information. Now players may be wondering, what is actually known about his rework? Well here is a piece that will be updated as more information is known about him.

Check Out the Latest Information on the Dr Mundo Release Date Here

[Last Updated: 9/25/2020]

When is the Rework Release Date?

The only thing that is known for sure is that he will be coming out with the 2021 champions. TGH dives into when his rework could exactly be coming here.

What are the Major Lore Changes?

In the update, they talked about this quite a bit. Are they still going to keep him as a doctor? How can they still make sure that he is uniquely Mundo? The only parts that they seem to be keeping for sure are that he is a bumbling meet shield, that he is purple and that he is going to be from Zaun. Other than that they mentioned that they have considered taking out the doctor part of him or defining how exactly he is a doctor. What the dev team has seemed to do is keep the Dr. part of Mundo but potentially mess with how he either thinks he is a doctor or how he once was one.

What will he Look like?

This is one of the biggest parts of his rework that seems to be completely up in the air still. They are wanting to try and find a delicate balance between comedy and menace. As one can see in the featured image and the images below, they are keeping everything and anything on the table right now.

Mundo Rework

In the latest Dev Update, Riot Games revealed their latest concept for his design. It looks like his cleaver is staying, as well as him finding a way to buff himself from some sort of potion. Most importantly, it looks like he will be staying dumb and purple, which is all people really care about.

What about his Abilities and Playstyle?

Out of everything that was discussed in the dev update, there seemed to be more certain answers about this part of the rework than any. For starters they still want him to have “super-tank regeneration and the ability to constantly chuck cleavers”. That said, they did make it clear that it would be “in some form or another”. While that is good news as most people know him as the cleaver super tank, there may be some changes to how exactly these things work. It could be similar to how Swain had his claw reworked.

In their latest update, they also stated that he wouldn’t get any gap closers or hard cc but that his gameplay was still getting a major overhaul. Specifically, they want him to be a champion that is hard to lockdown. This means that he will have a sort of cc-immunity similar to Olaf.

As for his playstyle, they still want to keep him as a very simple and easy champion for anyone to pick up. So for players who prefer the more straight forward champions, they are still going to keep Mundo in this realm. For quite awhile, this was something that many people asked if Riot was still going to do. While new champions like Aphelios and the rework of Fiddlesticks, it was understandable that people might feel this way. Then they released Sett and reminded everyone that they could still make simple champions.

What’s Next?

Overall there is still a lot about Dr. Mundo that is not known or even decided. The next update sometime next year will likely be filled with much more information and likely, a clearer direction. It sounds like they intend to keep what everyone loves about the dumb but lovable doctor and mostly bring him into the modern era of League of Legends. If they are able to find this balance then Mundo fans will likely rejoice.

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