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Lock-In Week 1 Game 1 Preview and Prediction: TSM vs 100Thieves

TSM LCS 2021 Summer Split

The LCS will finally be starting back up and it will be doing so with a bang. Instead of starting with the regular season, the LCS teams will be going to their first-ever beginning of the season tournament. Luckily for TSM, they get to start the show with the first LCS game of 2021. They will be playing three games this weekend, one each day. Here’s a preview and some predictions for TSM’s first game of the season versus 100Thieves.

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Game 1: TSM vs. 100 Thieves

Start Time: 6pm est/3pm pst

Top: Huni vs. Ssumday
Jng: Spica vs. Closer
Mid: PowerOfEvil vs. Damonte
Bot: Lost vs. FBI
Sup: SwordArt vs. Huhi

The first game of the season is a grudge match for four players on 100 Thieves. As a reminder, everyone except for Ssumday was on the Golden Guardians team that beat TSM and then subsequently were knocked-out by them in a close five-game series. This surely will still be on their minds even if most of their opponents are not the same as those that knocked them out. What a great way to start the 2021 season.

Matchups to Watch

When looking at these matchups, there will be some very crucial things for TSM fans to look out for. The first will start in the draft with Bjergsen being a coach for the first time instead of being on the Rift. After an offseason where he essentially was able to choose his team, he will need to show that all the rumors of him basically coaching TSM were true. Now that he is able to only focus on coaching, it should allow him to help this team take it to the next level. This is especially true considering this meta should be great for TSM.

As for the players, basically every player for TSM will be a matchup to watch as this is their first game as a unit and no one really knows what to expect. The make or break it matchup though will be in the bot lane. FBI and Huhi gave Doublelift and Biofrost all they could handle during the playoffs last season. Their efforts were nearly enough to knock TSM out of the playoffs. Lost and SwordArt will need to roll with the punches and hopefully throw some of their own. Should they let FBI get ahead, he can take over the game and TSM will be in quite a bind. If LostArt can just be solid in their debut and try to stay even, then Spica and PowerOfEvil can do the carrying to allow for a TSM victory.

Champions to Watch: Orianna, Syndra and Viktor

TSM could not have asked for a much better meta to start this season. Nearly every player will have champions in their comfort zone. This is especially true for PowerOfEvil. With Orianna, Syndra and Viktor getting picked with regularity in the LPL and LCK, should the meta be similar in the LCS then PowerOfEvil will truly be able to do what he does best. This is why for this first game, TSM will need to lean on him and hope that he is able to do his things. Damonte is not as proficient with these meta champions so this will likely be the lane that TSM has the greatest advantage. Look for PowerOfEvil to have a major impact on this game.

Prediction: TSM Wins

The confidence in this prediction is admittedly not extremely high. Out of all the LCS teams, 100Thieves are the only team to have 80% of their roster still together after 2020. While they are on a new team, their synergy will still be extremely strong and give them a big early-season advantage. TSM will need to look to their raw talent and coaching in order to help them win this game. If they get meta picks that they are also historically strong with and they can survive the early game without any major hiccups then TSM’s team fighting should be enough to push them over the finish line in the first game of 2021.

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