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Takeaways from Round 1 of the LCK Promotion Tournament

With the gauntlet completed and the three teams representing the region decided, Korea had one more matter to deal with for the upcoming season. That matter was the LCK Spring Promotion Tournament. With four teams fighting for a spot in the upcoming season of LCK, how did the teams look in their first match of the tournament? 

New Team Inbound?

While the match was messy at times, a challenger team was finally able to take out a team from the LCK as APK Prince took out Hanwha Life Esports by a score of 2-1. Some standouts of the team were jungler Lee “KaKAO” Byung-kwon, who had a performance that resembled his days on KT Rolster rather than Jin Air Green Wings. Also the bot lane tandem of ADC Kim “Trigger” Eui-joo and support Park “Secret” Ki-sun, who held their own and at times out performed a solid and veteren bot lane tandem in Gwon “Sangyoon” Sang-yun and Kim “key” Han-gi. 

Now APK is set to go up against Jin Air Green Wings, who looked solid in their own match against Team Dynamics. Will APK breakthrough and join the LCK or will they have to wait a bit longer to find out?


Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

Despite a rough Summer Season, Jin Air Green Wings looked great in their first match of the Promotion Tournament where they were able to take out Team Dynamics in a quick 2-0. If there was anything to take from this match, it’s that the up and coming players on Jin Air don’t need Challenger to improve anymore and they deserve to be in the LCK. Those players in question are ADC Moon “Route” Geom-su who made it look like Park “Teddy” Jin-seong never left the team and jungler Kim “Malrang” Geun-seong who looked simply amazing in the jungle. 

With one more series win in their way from returning to the LCK once again, will Jin Air continue to dominate the Challenger teams? Or has Jin Air’s luck worn out as the sadplane takes over once again?

New Talent on the Way

Apart from some of the players already mentioned, the first day of the promotion tournament has shown that there is still a lot of talent waiting to be picked up from the Challenger scene. Players like top laner Park “Jisu” Jin-cheol from Team Dynamics have shown that they are capable of keeping up against the other players in their role at a LCK level. So even if both Jin Air Green Wings and Hanwha Life Esports are able to make it back into the LCK, there should be some great talent coming in next season from Challengers.

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Featured image courtesy of LCK Flickr.

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