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How Online Gaming Can Reduce Your Daytime Stress

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If you’re experiencing stress regularly, you’re not alone. According to The American Institute of Stress, over half of Americans experience stress throughout the day, and over 80 percent of American workers feel stressed related to their work.

Whether you’re dealing with stress at work or facing a difficult situation in your personal life, online gaming can help you have a restful break from stress.

The Reality of Workplace Stress

Maybe you’ve got an important deadline coming up at work, or your boss is a difficult person to work with. Workplace stress is all too real, and if you don’t do anything to change it, not only can it affect your physical and mental health, but you might find yourself looking for a different job.

Do you find yourself working through breaks just so you can get done with your work faster? You might be pegged as a productive employee or even a workaholic, but there’s a good chance your stress is taking hold of your work life.

Maybe your lunch break at work makes you feel more stressed, giving you idle time to overthink your workplace stressors.

Managing Your Work-Related Stress With Online Gaming

Online gaming often gets a bad rap, especially in the workplace, but it might be just the thing to reduce stress and improve productivity and workplace morale.

Many assume that gaming, mobile gaming, in particular, is only popular among a younger demographic. Statistics suggest that adults between the age of 25 and 44 play mobile games the most. This demographic is also most likely to experience workplace stress.

While some American workers are able to manage their stress during their time away from work, how can they reduce their stress at work?

One study published in Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, in 2017, discusses how online gaming can help take a “mental break” from stress. Participants in the study were given a five-minute rest break with either a video game, guided relaxation activity, or silence without a computer or phone. While all participants experienced some decrease in stress, those who played a video game felt the best.

Allow Yourself a Gaming Break

Rather than shortening your 15-minute break to get some extra work done, why not give your brain a mental break and engage in some online gaming? Royal Ace Casino Review has dozens of top-rated casino games that can take your mind off your stress or playing a quick round of Words With Friends may change your perspective and mood for the rest of the day.

Even playing a few minutes of Pokémon Go outside on your daily lunch break walk or checking your latest Fantasy Football or Fantasy Baseball picks is better for your brain than getting caught up on work emails or mulling over the latest workplace drama.

Before you start gaming in the workplace, make sure you aren’t violating workplace rules. If you’re playing in a shared workplace, like a break room, don’t forget to mute the volume or wear earbuds to avoid distracting or bothering your co-workers.

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