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Gambling Apps for Both iOS and Android

The literal definition of “gambling” is to place money over some results, circumstances, or outcome of an event, as a bet. This bet can either result in a win, thus winning the person a jackpot, or a loss, which can lead to a loss of a fortune, depending on the amount at stake. Although gambling has been around even before there was any written historic evidence, it is still restricted in some parts of the world due to different limitations. Yet, in terms of gaming, wherein players compete to win after having gained permission by the law, it is one of the most played globally. This is why it is not only available in land-based casinos now but is also widely popular online and in top mobile casinos

Mobile Gambling

The ongoing pandemic situation due to the COVID-19 has proved to us that everything has a solution online. It did not only shift our professional lives to working from home but also compelled us to give up on a lot of our hobbies that involve going out. Amongst them, stands gambling, which is usually fun when done in the dazzling atmosphere of an actual casino. Nonetheless, the online world had a solution, mobile gambling. Given our addiction to our smartphones, which has greatly escalated during these lockdown days, it is no surprise that we prefer playing games on our phones in a comfortable position rather than console gaming. 

Mobile gambling has no doubt made lives easier for gambling fans. It not only provides them the comfort of playing from home but also saves a huge chunk of their time and money which is otherwise used up in traveling to and from the physical casinos. Other than that, they save the general gambling amount as well given how the online casinos are often free. Another great perk of playing from our phones is that it allows us to alter the difficulty level during the gambling games, which can be immensely beneficial to the new players, who often find themselves nervous at actual casinos, as they try to match the level of professional players there. With this, they can gradually elevate their level as they learn the tricks, side by side. Even for the professional ones, this is a great way to be at home and still be polishing their gambling skills. 

The Best Gambling Apps for Android

When it comes to smartphones, Apple and Android have always been the biggest rivals in the market. Since they are usually in competition, so are their apps, but that does not mean one is better than the other. Applications on both the operating software are equally good, and compatible on the respective devices. That said, here are some of the top-ranked gambling games best compatible with Android:

  • Zynga – Perhaps the most famous name that has multiple games as well as slots under it. They are not just liked because of being free to play, but also because of their catchy themes and features. 
  • Huuuge Games – As the name suggests, the gambling games developed by this developer promise huge wins. They bring a lot of poker games and slots to choose from that are free to play.
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports – Yet another app that offers free games, but also includes paid versions wherein you can call in your friends and play leagues to compete. 
  • Mywavia Studios – Slots, bingo, blackjack, or baccarat, you can find gaming apps for all these under the names of these developers. These games are free as well, and also include the option of playing online with other professional players. 
  • World Series of Poker – Rated by players as the best online gambling game, this one here hosts tournaments, as well as casual games, as preferred by the players. 

The Best Gambling Apps for iOS

Despite the constant competition, there are several cross-platform games such as PUBG mobile and others, which unite the two rival devices. Even so, some games are better supported by one of the software, such as the below list of gambling games that are more fun when played on iOS:

  • Pharaoh’s Way – A free to play pharaoh themed application offering high-quality graphics as the players play various slot games, traditional casinos and even participate in major tournaments. 
  • Slots TM – A widely famous iPhone gambling app, that is completely free to play and ranks on the top with thousands of full star reviews. It brings along amazing, themed slot machines for exciting everyday games. 
  • Slotomania – Yet another best-ranked free gambling app for iPhone users, featuring a huge welcome bonus to attract players, and a variety of 100 slot games to choose from. 
  • Vegas Paradise – An exciting Vegas-themed gambling app that uses real money in its online casinos, thus becoming a great opportunity for new players to try playing with actual money. 
  • Gaming Club – Although it is compatible with both platforms, it is highly admired by iPhone users as per providing many chances to the players to test their luck and win jackpots of real money. 

What The Future Promises 

Given the never-ending efforts of mobile developers to provide us with innovations each year, it is easy to expect a bright future for mobile gaming as well. One can not be sure as of yet about when the pandemic will fully end, but until then, we are prone to using our mobiles for every other purpose, including games. Due to this, mobile companies are now releasing models specifically designed for playing purposes, which come built-in with modern specifications to support high-quality graphics, and long battery life to ensure the players face no hurdles of low battery during their gaming. Phones are also becoming lighter, but feature a larger screen so players can view even the tiniest of details with ease. This is not only making online gaming more convenient than before but is also contributing to increasing the fan base for gambling, given that even those living in areas with restrictions over gambling can now participate in online casinos and play slots from any part of the world, just with their phones.

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