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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: What Does Genesis 6 Mean?

Genesis 6

On February 1, the Smash community is receiving one of the biggest treats of the year. We have already seen majors like Don’t Park on the Grass, Glitch, and Let’s Make Moves, but this will leave them all in the dust.

Genesis 6 brings a talent pool never before seen in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament. The giant question of who is the best player in the venue will be answered by February 3. For now, we have a huge number of entries that definitively give us something to watch.


This tournament provides a space for any of the 2,000 players to leave their mark. This means that to escape pools, they have to beat an abnormally high number of opponents – making the climb a great achievement for any player. Top players will be seeded, meaning that they won’t have to swim through pools.

Next, the convergence of the different regions will happen in Genesis 6. At the current moment, tournaments have mostly covered their respective regions. There hasn’t been a reason for international players to fly out to another massive tournament, but Genesis 6 manages to bridge the gap and sum up some of the top talents worldwide.

Players’ hunger to be the best will drive the event. With such a ginormous talent pool, only time will tell what kind of results will unfold.

Stage List

Genesis 6
Out of a large number of stages in Ultimate, there are only eleven legal stages in Genesis 6. – Image: Aminoapps

Genesis 6 provides one of the largest stage lists to date. Most players swing towards one of two different sides. The first is the conservative side that wants to pick traditionally competitive stages, and second is the experimental side that wants a testing period for the trivial stages.

Both sides have a point, but it falls on the tournament organizers to pick a side.

Genesis decided to give some room for two very controversial stages. Castle Siege and Unova Pokemon League both have their own set of differences compared to the traditional legal stages.

Castle Siege possesses a long slant in the middle of the stage that changes character performance. It’s something that players either love or hate. Due to the slant, jank can also play some role in whoever the victor is.

Unova Pokemon League isn’t as controversial as Castle Siege, but it has certain elements that turn off players. Inherently, it is a very dark stage that makes dark color skins hard to see. Another key argument for its legality is that it possesses a high number of similarities with Pokemon Stadium 2, making its legality redundant.

The Genesis 6 stage list consists of five starters and six counterpick stages. The starter stages consist of Battlefield, Pokemon Stadium Two, Smashville, Lylat Cruise, and Final Destination. Adding up the six counterpick stages that are: Unova Pokemon League, Yoshi’s Story, Castle Siege, Yoshi’s Island, Town and City, and Kalos Pokemon League. This equates to a total of eleven stages that can be seen anytime in bracket.

After each game, the winner gets two stage bans, and players can’t counterpick to a stage they have won on.

Here is a link that leads to a very lengthy post on Genesis ruleset and stage list.


With the convergence of the regions, surprises will definitively happen. At the moment Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey dominates the North American scene having won Let’s Make Moves, Sky’s Ultimate Invitational, and Glitch 6. Meanwhile, European player William “Gluttony” Belaid hasn’t lost a tournament yet, being crowned victor of Ultimate Wanted #1 and Vallhalla II.

In this tournament, at least a couple of unknown players will leak into the top 32 and shock everyone with their performance. Of the 2,000 entrants, there has to be some innate hidden potential waiting to establish their mark in the Smash world.

New character tech will pop up, and the tiers will scramble. However, this is only speculation. Knowledge will only become clear on the third of February. Genesis 6 will definitively give us something to remember.


Featured image provided by Genesis 6

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