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Daily Fantasy Summoner 2020 Friday LEC and LCS

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Daily Fantasy Summoner 2020  Day 1

Courtesy of Riot Games

How the Cheat sheet works: Players are tiered based on likelihood of winning their match-up and in high team kill games, which correlates with DK fpts. Fantasy Summoner suggests stacking players from the same team is consistently shown as the key to cashing across all contests. Roster can hold up maximum of 4 players of the same team, so all lineups consist of players from at least two lolesports team. Therefore, pick 3 or 4 players from the cheat sheet of the same row to stack. The first set of players often consists of recommendations of favorites (based on Bovada odds and Draftking salary tier), and is typically considered a high floor lineup. The tournament recommendations consists of contrarian plays or projected  lower ownership plays.

LEC Friday Slate

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Opening Odds:
S04 +112 v. xL -149
MSF -108 v. SK -123
MAD -222 v OG +164
Vit+203 v G2 -286
FN -123 v RGE -108

Slate thoughts:

Doss is benched, Denyk in. Will that save them? It is hard to say. One thing is certain, however he performs in day 1, be sure that the field will overreact to MSF for day 2. From an overall thought, G2 has lost their grip as the chalk smash. They will now share this honor with MAD and RGE for most weeks; even SK.

Fantasy Summoner Cash Thoughts: 

MAD lions will continue to see high ownership across contests. A Cost effective build will probably revolve around one of Humanoid or Carzzy (not both), Kaiser, and Shad0w. The second stack to go with MAD would either be xL or SK. It is by no means safe for either, but conceivably the field would buy into SK’s consistency better. The Combined Kill Per Min is almost equal between SK (0.69) vs. xL (.63). The question is, do people buy into a renewed S04 who took down G2?

High Floors/High Ownership plays:

Courtesy of @LEC
Fantasy Summoner Tournament Thoughts:

The Summoner has effectively relegated G2 to high risk play, because their scoring output no longer matches the DFS salary they command at each position. Of course, in recognizing that Gamers 2 can always put up a 20+ kill game, they remain firmly a needed stack when playing medium to large size tournament contests. A contrarian type of play is Vitality. This team will face off against my top tournament recommendation. By no means do I think that G2 has solve all their issues. At the same time, they can be scored on even for a losing team. You’ll find low ownership for Vitality with higher than their given salary upside.

FinnInspiredLarssenHans SamaVander



TL -400 v DIG +214
TSM -141  v EG +105

2020 TSM Roster In a straight forward slate such as this, often times finding the sole take down lineup would require creativity beyond the 4/2. Alternatively, predicting an upset that most do not think will happen is also a way to build a unique lineup. The predicted ownership will goes as follow:

  • Team Liquid
  • TSM
  • EG
  • DIG

While DIG put up a massive score in a win last week, it can be considered somewhat of an outlier. Additionally, TL is also a team that depresses upside in game total kills; the CKPM for TL is dead last (0.57) and DIG just right above TL at (0.59). Compare this to TSM’s middling (0.64) and EG (0.71), this could be a slate to lock in TL team, fade DIG, and game stack TSM and EG.

Who Will Win The International 2019
Image courtesy of Team Liquid.

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