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Overwatch League Hero Spotlight: Winston


Dive is the most seen composition in the Overwatch League and it is only fitting that we talk about a hero who makes a big impact when playing this style. Winston along with his counterpart D.Va are two of the most seen tanks in the Overwatch League. So much so that teams have specifically picked up players who can play those heroes. Winston players not only play a big role in Dive, but are also responsible for some of the shot calling and leadership that goes on during a team fight. The best Winston players have a great understanding of their limits and know how to communicate effectively, so that the rest of their team can be successful.

Winston’s Kit

Winston players have a fairly easy kit to learn and use, but a variety of tools nonetheless to help their team succeed. Similar to D.Va, Winston’s kit is about engaging and survivability. His first ability Jump Pack simply allows him to close the gap by jumping a certain distance. This movement ability can be used to engage on an enemy support in the backline or jump back to your team for safety. Jump Pack allows Winston to jump a fairly far distance; Winston players need to clearly communicate with their teammates when they are going in or disengaging, so that the rest of the team can follow up.

Winston’s second ability Barrier Projector, otherwise known as Winston’s bubble, provides a large bubble shaped shield that can absorb and block damage. Winston’s bubble is great tool for temporarily blocking damage when you are engaging or trying to shield your support so that they can get a resurrection off on a teammate who has died. With proper team coordination, Winston’s Barrier Projector can be extremely effective.

Winston’s Ultimate and last ability is Primal Rage. Primal Rage allows Winston to gain a huge health pool, increased damage, and an increased jump cooldown for a short period of time. Primal rage is great for stalling the point/objective, knocking people away from it, or locking low health enemies in a corner and dealing damage to them. When an enemy Winston has Primal Rage, it can be extremely aggravating to play against. If left unchecked, a Primal Raging Winston can ruin your backline and create major chaos in a team fight. The clip below demonstrates how impactful a raging Winston can be in a small room.

Winston Players to Watch

One of the most famous Winston players in the Overwatch League is Chan-Hyung “Fissure” Baek who is currently on the LA Gladiators. Analysts and fans love watching Fissure because of his aggressive playstyle. Instead of waiting for the other team to dive you, Fissure likes to take initiative and dive in first, creating opportunities which his team can then capitalize on. With an experienced player on Winston who understands his limits, Fissure has transformed the LA Gladiators. In the clip below, Fissure cleverly uses his Primal Rage to kill the Pharah-Mercy combination.

Another Winston player who plays a less aggressive style, but still finds success nonetheless, is Jae-Hui “Gesture” Hong from the London Spitfire. Rather than diving in on opponents too frequently, Gesture likes to peel for his team. Simply, create more space for his team to use and eliminate enemies who are trying to dive his team. Peeling for your team is a great way to easily secure a numbers advantage. Typically, when an enemy tries to dive your backline, your support may die; however, most of the time they can be resurrected while the enemy diver cannot be. Playing this less aggressive style on Winston is a great way to counter aggressive teams who dive too far.

Looking Ahead

Winston is a great hero to play and an easy one to learn, which is why he is so common in Overwatch. Whichever Winston playstyle you decided to play, both can have an immediate impact on your team. Winston players need to be aware of their surroundings, know their limits and most importantly know how to effectively communicate. A great Winston player can balance these attributes, which ultimately allows them to elevate their team’s play. To see the best Winstons go head to head, tune into the Overwatch League.


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