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NYXL Stage 1 Playoffs Game 1 Preview

Playoffs are finally here, and it’s time for New York to come back to the main stage and maintain their win streak once again. A championship hangs in the balance here, along with a cool $500,000 prize. It’s up to the Excelsior to come back from their folly in Stage 4 of last season and win this stage to prove once and for all that they are still the best team in the league.


The Seoul Dynasty (4-3)

The New York Excelsior’s first playoff game is up against the Seoul Dynasty. New York has already gone up against — and defeated — Seoul in Week 3 of Stage 1. Any team going against New York has quite the

2019-03-16 / Photo: Stewart Volland For Blizzard Entertainment

challenge ahead of them; the Excelsior are professionals at finding and exploiting flaws and weaknesses in their opponents.

However, the Dynasty have their own strengths over the NYXL. Their aggressive tank line — most notably Min Hyuk “Michelle” Choi and Chanhyoeng “Fissure” Baek — could prove to be intimidating for the Excelsior. Fans have seen New York struggle against aggressive tank lines before, and they could choke again. However, given their upwards trend in skill and their mastery of the 3-3 GOATs META, fans of the New York Excelsior shouldn’t be too worried for their boys in blue.



Toronto Defiant
NYXL DPS: Yeon-kwan “Nenne” Jeong

Player to Watch: Yeon-Gwan “Nenne” Jeong has shined throughout Stage 1 and will continue to shine well into the playoffs. Nenne’s strong Zarya plays have saved more than a few critical team fights during his Overwatch League debut. A lot of the spotlight has been on fellow tank Tae-Hong “MekO” Kim this stage, but don’t underestimate this rookie.





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