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Odds for the First NA CSGO Matches at Dreamhack Masters

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While the world is still trying to figure itself out during COVID-19, Dreamhack Masters CSGO Tournament will still continue, just online. With eight teams qualifying and some serious upsets during the qualification rounds, one may be wondering where they should be putting their money in terms of the early matches of group play. Some of these matches admittedly will be pretty one-sided. But going for broke and hoping the upsets continue may not be a bad strategy either. These odds are seen on and may change as these games won’t start until the middle of May. So grab these great odds while they are still up.

Team Liquid 1.12 vs 5.81 Bad News Bears
MIBR 2.27 vs 1.6 Furia
Evil Geniuses 1.3 vs 3.38 Cloud9
100Thieves 1.83 vs 1.93 Gen.G

Best Game to Bet On

MIBR 2.27 vs 1.6 Furia

While the odds may not show it, this match will be even closer than many expect. With players like FalleN and TACO, MIBR are a solid squad and could definitely pull off an upset in group play for their first match. Currently, Furia and MIBR are ranked 12 and 15 respectively according to HLTV. This is not just for NA, but for the entire world. When looking at the odds, one might be convinced that Furia should win rather easily but MIBR have been playing better recently and this is partially due to the core player’s synergy. The MIBR core have been a top 30 team for over three years which is rare in CSGO. They have also pulled off plenty of upsets and outperformed expectations. This is still going to be a close series and one that should have plenty of highlight moments. That said, taking a chance on MIBR to come out seriously ahead is not a bad idea whatsoever.

Best Team to Bet On

Team Liquid Continue to Struggle

As the rest of group play and the tournament continues on, one might be wondering who they should regularly be putting their money on? Well, it may not be the sexiest pick in terms of making big dollars but Team Liquid would easily be that team. They have been consistent and are working their way back to being the best team in the world. These group stages are a perfect time for nitr0, Twistzz and Stewie2k to flex their muscles. Betting wise they may be heavily favored in most games, as they are against the Bad News Bears in their first match, but if someone is looking to make a little bit consistently then TL is their team.

They will also be the team to bet against if looking for upsets. Say they lose to Bad News Bears in their first match, the odds would likely decrease in their next match. But, if they were to crush them, then the odds against some of the better teams in the bracket would likely go up making the ability to make some serious cash on a more likely upset much improved. Make sure to keep an eye out on Team Liquid as the tournament progresses and wait for the perfect time to strike.

Final Thoughts

The first round does not have a ton of great options for betting based on the current matchups but as things start to play out more, people should look to start making more serious money. Play it safe to start and then once they get into the third round of games, that would be the ideal time to pounce. Especially is a team like Evil Geniuses, Furia or 100Thieves take on Team Liquid.

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