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Pokemon: 2019 World Championships Qualification Requirements Released

2019 Pokemon VGC Championship Points

A little over two months into the new competitive season, Pokemon VGC players finally know how many Championship Points they need to qualify for this year’s World Championships.

What’s New This Year?

2019 Pokemon VGC Championship Points

Well… nothing really. Many players speculated that the Championship Point requirements for this year’s World Championships would be altered to reflect the new payout and stipend systems, but it looks like nothing has changed. The regions that had Championship Point bars still have the same requirements (though players are still asking why Europe’s bar is lower), and regions like Japan and Korea look like they still have to fight for their invites in the brutal gauntlets of their National Championships.

Complete information about this year’s Championship Point Bar can be found here.

Players that have already qualified

So far, 12 invites have been clinched across North America and Europe. Naturally, due to their lowered bar, Europe holds the majority of the invites with nine compared to North America’s three. However, there are nine North American players currently over 300 Championship Points with a majority of those in the Top 8 in easy striking distance of 400. As for Europe, eight players currently reside in the 200’s, and those currently in the Top 16 don’t have much farther to go.

Congratulations to those who have already clinched their invites impressively in just two months. Keep in mind that the format has yet to change, and it remains to be seen how these players will transition into the Moon and, more importantly, the Ultra Series (the rule set for the 2019 World Championships).

Having this information finally available is a relief to many of those in the community, and I’m sure there are a ton of people out there relieved that the “late July” joke/meme can finally die.

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Images from The Pokemon Company International.

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