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Wild Rift Shen Build

wild rift shen build

The new champion in Wild Rift plays as either a top laner. Shen, the tanky ninja, stifles the enemy with his CC and beefy front line capabilities. In regards to mechanics, he’s quite simple. Taunt the enemy, and shield allies in need of assistance. The key to playing the pick is timing his ultimate effectively, which requires staring intently at the map. To make the already easy champion easier, here is a Wild Rift Shen Build to help players master the pick. 


First and foremost, Shen plays as a tank. Therefore, tanky items function the best on him. Sunfire Cape works wonders on him because it deals damage over time. And as a tank, he wants to survive as long as possible during fights. Sunfire Cape essentially allows him to deal more damage by just standing around menacingly. 

Don’t sleep on Shen’s damage. He deals surprisingly high DPS, considering he doesn’t really build that many damage oriented items. In addition, his taunt has a pretty absurd hit box.


For keystone runes, take Grasp of the Undying or Conqueror. Grasp serves better for short burst oriented trades, allowing for more tank scaling into the late game. Conqueror as a whole is just a great rune for practically any Baron laner. The rune allows for fantastic scaling during extended fights, granting Shen the base stats to effectively trade. 

In conclusion 

And thats all! Hopefully this Wild Rift Shen build helped players understand to build and play the pick. Keep in mind, this particular build is more of a guideline to aid the building process. Each individual game creates different win conditions, where certain runes or items may function better. In addition, each player has their own play style and therefore prefers certain items over others. Make sure to adapt the build as deemed fit.

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