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What is the Wild Rift Season 5 End Date?

Wild Rift Season 5

Ranked standing is one of the best indications of skill in any team game. And in Wild Rift, players have a set amount of time to acquire their goal rank. Whether it’s climbing within to the top of the tier or even attempting to just hit gold, different players have different objectives. But for some time, Wild Rift developers left the season end date unannounced. Therefore, people may be wondering what the season 5 end date. 

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Wild Rift Season 5 End date

Wild Rift season 5 likely ends around early August. Each season in Wild Rift lasts approximately three months. Season 4 lasted around three and a half months. And since Season 5 started March 24, this would place the Wild Rift Season 5 end date on early to mid August. Of course, this is purely speculation. No official date announced. But once it does, expect an update on this article.

In regards to the specific time, it’s a little uncertain. But whatever the case, make sure to get those essential ranked games to climb the ladder.

Here is all the Wild Rift Season 5 official Riot published information. 

In Conclusion

There will likely be big waves of content incoming for Season 6.  It’s a little ambiguous as to whether season 6 begins immediately off the bat or not. For League PC, there’s typically a Preseason period, during which some big changes are implemented to test the waters. For Wild Rift, the developers revealed a bunch of new changes they want to test out. From Dragon changes, support item adjustments, there’s a lot that will be new coming in real soon.

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