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The 5 Best Items to Give Veigar in Teamfight Tactics

Veigar TFT

Of all the champions in Teamfight Tactic, Veigar is among the most deadly, especially when equipped with the proper items. Below are the items that can help a level two or level three Veigar to carry a team and maximize his ability to delete enemies with his ultimate.

1. Seraph’s EmbraceVeigar TFT

This should be at the top of anyone’s list looking to build a deadly Veigar. Built with a pair of Tear of the Goddess’s, Veigar will start each round extremely close to his ultimate. Then, each time he casts it, he’ll be replenished with another 20 mana. With Veigar, the main strategy is to get him using his ultimate as many times as possible because of its ability to delete enemy champs. This starting mana and mana replenish is key to keep Veigar using his ult and dealing insane amounts of damage.

2. Cursed BladeVeigar TFT

If Seraph’s Embrace is either is unavailable due to RNG or after a player has built one of those, look for a Cursed Blade. Built using a Recurve Bow and a Negatron Cloak, Cursed Blade gives the user a chance to reduce the level of their opponent while also giving Veigar some better attack speed and sturdiness. Because Veigar can only delete enemies who are below his level, having a Cursed Blade handy is a must for securing those kills, especially in the late game.

As a note, when running Veigar in a comp with Gunslingers like Lucian or Tristana, consider giving them the Cursed Blade instead of Veigar. Their quick attack speed will give more chances for its effect to kick in and can leave room to stack Seraph’s or use other items on this list.

3. Hextech GunbladeVeigar TFT

If absolutely no Tear’s are dropping, start a Veigar build off with a Hextech Gunblade. This item is built using a B.F. Sword and an N.L.R. and it heals the user for 25% of all damage dealt. With Veigar dealing upwards of 30,000 damage when he is fully built, healing for a percentage of that can guarantee he stays healthy against a Blitzcrank or Assassin armies. The spell and attack damage won’t matter much but the healing is well worth the item slot if push comes to shove.

4. Spear of ShojinVeigar TFT

Lower on this list but still an incredibly useful item for Veigar is the Spear of Shojin. Build using a B.F. Sword and Tear of the Goddess, this item refills 15% of its max mana with every ability use. This fills a similar role as Seraph’s Embrace, just not giving Veigar as much mana to start off. If it is available though, this is an excellent item to use and potentially even stack in addition to Seraph’s or in place of it.

5. Phantom DancerVeigar TFT

Phantom Dancer, an item crafted with a Chain Vest and a Recurve Bow, allows the wearer to dodge all critical attacks. This is incredibly useful in keeping Veigar alive while giving him some increased attack speed to boot. While the main priority of any strong Veigar build needs to be getting lots of mana, keeping him alive to use his ultimate is equally as important. If a player notices a strong enemy using an Assassin army, throwing one of these onto Veigar is a good insurance policy that can allow him to get as much value as possible and maybe even delete one of his would-be attackers.

For building these, or any other builds, be sure to check out the latest champion and item tier lists from The Game Haus, as well as all of our other coverage of TFT.


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