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First Impressions: The Top 5 Most Overrated Synergies in TFT Fates

Just like with any new Teamfight Tactics expansion, there are going to be really good synergies or traits and there are going to be mediocre ones. With the official reveal of the synergies for TFT’s fourth expansion, TFT: Fates, players are going to quickly see which synergies shine and which ones don’t.

Here are the top 5 most overrated synergies in TFT: Fates.

5. Moonlight

This one might seem like a controversial pick because it’s one of the more interesting synergies in the game, but dive deeper and players will realize that hitting a 4* champion is probably not worth the investment.

The Moonlight synergy states that at the start of combat, one random Moonlight unit with the lowest star level will upgrade one star level for the rest of the round. This means that if a team has three 3* Moonlight units then one will be a 4* unit for the current fight. This seems like a powerful thing and it technically is. There has never been a 4* in the game before and having access to one seems strong. That said, what does it take to accomplish this?

First off, the Moonlight units have zero synergy with each other outside of the Moonlight trait. This means that a comp with Moonlight units have to rely on other outside synergies to support it. And since all your Moonlight units need to be 3*, players are forced to go all in on a reroll strategy which is going to hinder late game transitions. Essentially, all eggs have to be put into the Moonlight basket.

The difference between a 4* and a 3* is great, but the 4* is random each round. So, for example, if all items are put on Diana and it rolls onto Sylas with little to no items then you essentially have a wasted round. Not to mention that every round a player is stuck with only two 3* moonlights means that the weak link is the one getting the upgrade each time.

In the official blog post that revealed the Moonlight synergy, it stated that these 4*’s wont be as powerful as tier four 3*.This means that you can expect somewhere around the power level of a tier three 3* and a good tier four 2*. This is definitely not bad but a random tier three 3* isn’t going to win rounds in the late game and the comps seems to fall off as the game progresses. It’s not the most mediocre synergy in the game but it’s far from the best.

4. Enlightened

The Enlightened synergy for lack of better words is just…boring. The tool tip that describes the synergy is one sentence long: “Enlightened generate more mana”. This is certainly not bad, but it’s not necessarily good especially if we look at past synergies that did this but better.

The Ocean synergy from set two granted ALL allied units the ability to generate more mana, not just Ocean units. That synergy was meta from day one and stayed meta throughout the entirety of the set. However, because this synergy is just locked into the five units with the Enlightened synergy, it probably won’t ever be as good in the meta like Ocean was.

The jury is out on whether or not this synergy greatly benefits the enlightened units themselves. But one thing is for certain: this synergy would of been much much better if it just worked like Ocean from set two.

3. Warlord

Warlord alongside Moonlight were among the first synergies Riot revealed to players when they first showed off the new changes coming to TFT in the Fates expansion. It seems like Riot didn’t want to cause too much excitement as the Warlord trait doesn’t really get players jumping for joy.

The Warlord synergy states that units in the synergy gain additional HP and spell power and also they gain bonus HP and spell power every time they win in combat which stacks up to five times. Extra health and spell power seems like a decent thing to gain off of a synergy, but the specifics need to be looked at.

As a hypothetical scenario, there are three warlords in and they do manage to pull of five victorious rounds of battle. Those units will gain a grand total of 300 HP and 25 spell power. This seems actually pretty good in the early game but is pretty mediocre because those numbers become less important as the game goes on. So to make it better players might for for six Warlords instead to gain extra buffs. If those six Warlords pull off the five wins necessary to hit the max cap, then those units will have a total of 600 HP and 50 SP which makes them a little worse than set 3’s Cybernetics.

Unlike Cybernetics, this synergy lacks a tier four carry unit like Irelia. This synergy falls off late game and has to rely on the tier five Azir to do all the lifting. It’s unknown if that’s enough for the comp but a worse Cybernetics definitely makes this seem like one of the more overrated synergies in the game.

2. Spirit

Worst TFT Fates Synergies Spirit

Spirit is one of the more interesting synergies in set four but it seems fairly lackluster. The Spirit synergy states that the first time a Spirit unit casts their spell, all allies gain attack speed based on the spell’s mana cost. With two spirits, the attack speed buff is 35% of the mana cost and with four, it’s 90%.

Mana costs for the spirit units are unknown but if one assumes that a the lowest mana unit a player runs has 75 mana, that means each ally will gain an additional 26% attack speed. This seems like a front loaded Chrono buff that doesn’t get better as the fight goes on. Fights don’t last forever in TFT so the Spirit Synergy has that going for it but Chrono is already better than Spirit if a fight lasts 16 seconds. This is of course at the 2-piece level. Committing to the 4-piece level doesn’t seem worth it even though the attack speed increase is massive.

The four spirit champions outside of Yuumi, who is a Spirit Mystic are not splash able. Each of the units play in very specific comps. Teemo is a sharpshooter who needs other sharpshooters to work, Kindred is a Hunter who needs other Hunters to work, Ahri is a Mage, you get the picture. Because of this fitting in all four spirit units doesn’t seem likely and with a synergy that is at best giving 35% attack speed as a buff, it looks pretty overrated and probably wont be the focus point for any meta comp. But with a change in numbers, maybe that can change. At first glance, this doesn’t seem very strong.

1. Dazzler

Worst TFT Fates Synergies

The other four synergies have arguments on why they could be good. Dazzler however, doesn’t really have one. The Dazzler synergy states that Dazzler unit spells reduce their target’s Attack Damage by have for a few seconds depending on how many Dazzler champions are on the user’s team.

The first reason why this is bad is that it actually does not hinder magic damage based comps in any way. Reducing Attack Damage against a Mage composition does nothing. The second reason why this is bad is because Armor already effectively reduces attack damage anyways and there is already a synergy that does that which is Vanguard. The third reason why its bad is because it requires a Dazzler to cast their spell before it reduces the attack damage. If the spell takes too long to go off, the damage has already probably been done.

The last reason why this is bad is that none of the Dazzlers share any of the same synergies outside of the Dazzler trait which makes splashing this not optimal.

The one thing the synergy has going for it is that all the Dazzlers have an AoE spell so its likely that they will dazzle multiple enemy units but even then because the synergy doesn’t guarantee a consistent counter to AD focused carries and that another synergy already does it better, that makes Dazzler the most overrated synergy in TFT: Fates.


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