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Super Smash Brothers

Nintendo Ran Smash Tournament Causes Outcry

Jeffery Clippinger
When it comes to Nintendo and Smash, it seems that Nintendo rarely, if not ever, hits the mark in terms of supporting the community around...
CLG League of Legends

MSG Sports: Greg Kim Becomes New Head of CLG

Thomas Baker
Earlier today, MSG Sports got themselves a new Head of CLG–Greg Kim. Since 2019, Greg Kim served as the Director of Esports for Evil Geniuses....
League of Legends Team Liquid

3 Takeaways for Team Liquid from Week 1 & Week 2 of LCS Summer Split

Thomas Baker
The LCS is back with Summer Split Week 1 and Week 2 in the books. North America’s teams returned to the Rift, some with changes...
League of Legends Team Liquid

Alphari Out of LCS Until June 27; TL Cites Performance and Attitude Issues

Thomas Baker
Team Liquid finally followed up on the Alphari bench situation, originally announced via Coach Jatt’s Twitter on June 5. In the most recent announcement, Team...
League of Legends

How (Kind of) Lifting the Import Rule Could Solve Most of the LCS’ Problems

Thomas Baker
“TSM is a global esports org. We obviously want to sign the best talent possible. We believe talent is universal…Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much...
NFL Sports

Steelers Hold on to Defeat the Baltimore Ravens in Rivalry Matchup

Paige Davoren
The Pittsburgh Steelers were able to hold on to defeat the Baltimore Ravens by a score of 28-24 on Sunday afternoon in a rivalry matchup....