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A Bug, or Not a Bug: Reviewing EG vs. IMT Week 3

Vulcan paused the game versus IMT due to an Orianna bug.

Following Immortals’ win over Evil Geniuses Sunday, PowerOfEvil took to Twitter. He stated, “…I think it was fair to chronobreak. Just didn’t think the spot to was a neutral gamestate.” After one hour of replies, PoE responded “…One of the most unfair chronobreaks in my career.” This comment sparked some spicy remarks from other players, including C9’s Zven and EG’s Vulcan.

The controversy came out of a bug that occurred in their match, which resulted in a chronobreak. IMT had a 2,800 gold lead at 23 minutes, and they moved four members towards Baron while Revenge took on Impact and Jojopyun in a 2v1 bot lane. Jojo secured the kill, but Vulcan got caught over the Baron wall by PowerOfEvil’s Shockwave. EG’s support paused to review, as he claimed he could not see the ultimate animation.

LCS officials pulled up his Pro View and decided to chronobreak the game. From there, they needed to figure out a “dead-ball state” prior to the bug. According to the 2022 LCs Rule Set (v22.0), a dead-ball state refers to “a point in a game when neither team is heavily engaged with one another, although some minor engagement may still constitute a dead-ball state.” In this case, LCS officials reverted the game back to just before EG’s engagement onto Revenge in bottom lane. This decision is what PoE felt was unfair.

Dead-Ball State according to The 2022 LCS Rule Set (v22.0)

Dead-Ball State according to The 2022 LCS Rule Set (v22.0)

Despite the entire LCS Analyst Desk writing Revenge off as a guaranteed death, IMT’s top laner outplayed the 2v1. He took Jojopyun down with him, which allowed IMT to continue their plan to take Baron. However, EG did push them off and the game continued. IMT ultimately won the match.

These sorts of decision can have ramifications on a team’s season. In a short Spring Season consisting of best-of-ones, this loss could prevent EG from making playoffs. Everyone agreed that Vulcan was right to pause, and most believed he did experience a bug. The dead-ball state determination was what came under fire.

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