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League of Legends

LCS: Are Expansion and Geolocation Coming to the LCS?

Robert Hanes
Franchising in esports is new and it is taking some getting used to for fans who had grown accustomed to the relegation system, especially in...
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League of Legends’ Korean coaches: the silent stars of Worlds

Thomas Baker
While fans around the globe brag and sulk about their respective regions’ wins and losses on the international stage, Korean coaches can celebrate for their...
Call of Duty Esports Overwatch

Franchising in CoD: What will change?

Arran Francis
Franchising is the talk of the town in the Call of Duty (CoD) scene. Sources indicate Activision is planning to implement an Overwatch League (OWL)...
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Multi-Esport Cities

Robert Hanes
While the Esports industry is very young, franchising has allowed for it to mature much faster than its traditional sports counterpart. With franchising coming into...
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Potential mid-season targets for NA LCS teams

Thomas Baker
Jacob Wolf of ESPN recently reported that FlyQuest has signed Santorin as a starting jungler for the 2018 Summer Split. This is the first mid-season...
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NA LCS team identities following off-season roster upheavals

Thomas Baker
This year’s off-season has been extremely disruptive to the identity of each NA LCS team. Iconic, long-term and founding members of several rosters have switched...
Esports League of Legends

FC Schalke 04 will live or die by jungle and support in 2018

Thomas Baker
The 2018 League of Legends preseason continues to heat up, as LCS teams announce roster changes and the media reports daily updates. North American franchising...