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Questionable Madden 20 Ratings: Arizona Cardinals

The Game Haus will be analyzing the player ratings from Madden 20 of every NFL team. Madden has a daunting task of rating all NFL players and their attributes. While they have the ability to correct some of these rankings with in-season roster updates, there are some issues with some of the initial rankings of players. Here are the questionable Madden 20 ratings: Arizona Cardinals.

Questionable Madden 20 Ratings: Arizona Cardinals
David Johnson (photo by

David Johnson- 87

Even though the Cardinals couldn’t get much going on offense in 2018, Johnson still had 940 rushing yards and 446 receiving yards. Given that defenses were keying on him, because the offensive line and quarterback play were questionable at best, he did well. The 87 overall rating should be boosted a few points when taking that into account.

Devonta Freeman is rated higher than Johnson, which is crazy given that he was injured last year and in 2017 he rushed for just 865 yards. Freeman is an 89 and Johnson should at the very least match his rating.

Adjusted Rating: 89

Larry Fitzgerald- 84

Fitzgerald is one of the best receivers in NFL history, but totaled just 784 receiving yards last season. He also had his fewest catches per game in his career. This isn’t all his fault, as the Cardinals had major offensive issues in 2018, but other receivers that were rated the same as Fitzgerald put up bigger numbers. Jarvis Landry, also rated an 84, had 81 catches for 976 receiving yards. Cooper Kupp is rated 84 as well and had over 566 receiving yards in just eight games before getting injured.

While it is never wise to sleep on Fitzgerald totally, he is rated a few points too high. This is especially true given that his production for this season isn’t a guarantee either with a rookie head coach and quarterback.

Adjusted Rating: 82

Terrell Suggs- 83

He will be turning 37 this season and is showing signs of slowing down, as Suggs only had seven sacks last season. At the very least, Suggs shouldn’t be rated higher than his teammate, Chandler Jones, who had 13 sacks last season. Suggs deserves some credit for his production, but an 83 is too much.

There are plenty of players rated lower than Suggs that got to the quarterback more often. T.J. Watt and Jones are rated at an 82 and both are better pass rushers than Suggs at this point of his career. Suggs would be more comparable to a player like Henry Anderson who also had seven sacks and is rated at a 79.

Adjusted Rating: 79

Chandler Jones- 82

Questionable Madden 20 Ratings: Arizona Cardinals
Chandler Jones (Photo by

Over the last two seasons, Jones has 30 sacks and Madden completely disrespected him by making him an 82 overall. Jones had 13 sacks last season, which wasn’t as good as 2017, but still leaves him ranked too low. He isn’t even the highest-rated pass rusher on the Cardinals, as Suggs is an 83 overall. Justin Houston, who had nine sacks last season, is rated at an 87. This makes no sense.

Jones’ production deserves to be rewarded and he should be rated north of players like Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. He had more sacks than each of them and is rated six points lower than them.

Adjusted Rating: 90


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