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Lionel Messi Could Be Transferring To Inter Miami

Serious rumors have been firing up lately in speculation that F.C. Barcelona’s longtime soccer star Lionel Messi could be leaving the team soon. Though nothing has been confirmed just yet, there is a possibility about Messi joining Inter Miami in 2023.

Details About Messi and Inter Miami

As of right now, Messi’s contract with F.C. Barcelona expires at the end of this month. The soccer star, who turns 34- later this month, requested to leave Barcelona last year. However, that soon changed when it was announced that Messi changed his mind, meaning that he will stick with his longtime team.

This has only fired up speculation and possibly some confusion as to whether Messi is actually leaving Barcelona or not.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see exactly what will happen to this longtime Barcelona star once his contract expires. Whether he sticks with the club or decides to transfer (despite changing his mind), is completely up for debate at this point.

In addition, Messi has shown an interest in the past that he would like to play in the United States toward the last years of his career.

The original plan Messi wanted to go with was to leave Barcelona during the summer of last year.

But that didn’t go as planned. Still, the possibility of Messi playing for the MLS cannot be ruled out just yet.

Messi’s Contract and Other Information

Right now, Messi gets about $87 million per year, and that’s before all the bonuses he gets. So, if Inter Miami or any other club wants Messi to join their team, they will have to cough up a very large amount of money.

Messi is certainly a valuable player to Barcelona and he would be for any team. Apparently, Inter Miami has no problem with providing Messi with a huge payment on his contract.

It would certainly be interesting to see Messi join any other club, especially in MLS. Currently, Los Angeles FC striker Carlos Vela is dubbed the highest-paid player in MLS. He gets about $6.3 million each year with the team.

In addition to rumors about Messi and Inter Miami, two other teams have shown an interest in Messi. Those two teams are Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

It would be surprising to see Messi move on from Barcelona. That’s probably because he has played for this club since 2004. Seeing him in any other uniform representing another club is hard to imagine.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but those rumors are only firing up more and more as we near the end of the month. There is no doubt that many people would like to know what Messi is going to do once his contract expires.

Once again, Messi has expressed an interest in playing soccer in the United States and has even requested to transfer from his original club, even though he changed his mind.

Then again, look at how fans reacted when Cristiano Ronaldo announced he was transferring to Juventus in 2018 after playing for Real Madrid. Then, to go further back in time, it was probably a shock to hear that Ronaldo would be playing for Real Madrid once he left Manchester United.

Only time will tell if Messi stays at Barcelona or moves on to another team.

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