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The National PUBG League: Phase Two Relegation

National PUBG League

Phase two of the National PUBG League has finally come to a close with the relegation weekend. The bottom six of the NPL are battling it out with the top 10 of the contenders. Only six teams will be moving up into the top, so tensions are high. Will new faces emerge into the NPL, or will the bottom six hold on and keep their place? It all comes down to this for teams to prove their worth.

Day One

National PUBG League

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Day one kicked off with a big win for contenders’ side, Soniqs. They came in with a seven kill Chicken Dinner that boosted their morale for the rest of the competition. They took down Simplicity with ease on the hills of Miramar. Their win was followed by a win for the runners up in match two. Simplicity came in hot with nine kills as they took down Wildcard in a heated firefight. Simplicity is stacking up points early on in the competition.

Shook came to play in match three as they claimed the win with 11-kills. So far, teams from the contenders have been making a big showing. Shook held off Soniqs in a two versus two battle to take the top. After that, Lowkey came in and swooped match four with another 11-kill game. Viscous tried to take them down, but Lowkey was too much to handle. The final two matches of the day went to BMG and Soniqs. Soniqs are dominating the competition as we move into the second day of relegation.

Day Two

National PUBG League
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The second day of relegation saw another win for Lowkey, who are pushing hard for their promotion. They took 12 kills as they took down Zenith. Lowkey used cover to their advantage as the blue zone finished off Zenith. Simplicity then followed Lowkey’s win with a seven-kill Chicken Dinner. They also continue to add to their win count as time runs out.

The God Squad finally got on the board with a big win in match three. They had an open field battle with Simplicity, but they overcame them and ran away with the seven kills. With three matches remaining, Elevate picked up their first win as well. Shook was pushing for another win, but Elevate held their ground in a final attempt to push for the top of the board. The final two matches of the day saw wins for Zenith, and yet again, Lowkey. Now that it is all finished, you can see who is moving up, and who is on their way out.

NPL Promotion

National PUBG League
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Soniqs, Simplicity, Shook, Lowkey, Zenith and Vicious will be moving up into the top tier of The National PUBG League. They will all be ready to show that they deserve the promotion that they have won. On the other side, Elevate, Pecadores, Excelerate, Wildcard, LYE, The God Squad, Comets, SAR, BMG and Trifecta will be moving down and remaining in the contenders league.

The top six teams moving up will be ones to watch in phase three. They know how to put up points and finish strong. It is very possible that you could see a new National PUBG League champion come from these teams.

Tune in for more coverage of the National PUBG League.

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