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PCS Asia 4 Chinese Team Preview: Has The Clock Finally Struck 4AM?

Ahead of PCS Asia 4, it is time for the team previews. Instead of doing all the teams in one lump sum, they are getting broken up by region. This not only allows for more in depth conversation, but a bigger focus on the interregional standing. Especially with the Chinese dominance during the PCS events last year, the standing becomes even more important. Here is what to expect from every Chinese team in PCS Asia 4.

State of Chinese PUBG

Image Courtesy of @Blamous on Twitter

The first PCS Event of 2020 marks a stark change. The two Chinese titans that dominated 2020, Infantry and Tianba, failed to qualify. Their failures to qualify can be attributed to a variety of factors, some of which include out of server issues. Their demise opened up opportunities for new rosters to rise and fight for titles. 

The Newcomers

The first of those teams is Games Forever Young (GFY). GFY was irrelevant in 2020. They finished in the bottom of PCL group stages or did not even make it out of the preseason event. The addition of 911 though seems to have turned this team around. TSG’s former star player during the PCS 2 took this team and lead them to a 4th place finish during PCL spring. His addition plus the improvement of ATongMuu team to keep an eye on.

In a similar situation to GFY is KaiXin Esports. They were irrelevant for the entirety of 2020, but a few good roster moves launched them into the spot they are in. Coming into PCL Spring KaiXin added Lanren, formerly of Team SMG who played in PCS 2. His addition to the roster added a consistent force to this team and helped them take the next step. Their fifth-place finish in PCL Spring proved they can compete in China, but how will they fare against Korea, Japan & Taiwan.

The Dark Horses

Image Courtesy of @GMHighlight on YouTube

The final new team to the PCS Circuit, 17Gaming, has a few familiar faces. LilGhost competed in PCS 2 with Champion of Competition while Shou participated in the same event with TEam SMG. These two are paired with SuJiu and xbei, the latter formerly of OMG fame. They made plenty of noise during PCL Spring, finishing first in groups and second in the final. Their most dangerous feature is the duo of Xbei and Shou. They finished third and fourth in total kills during the final, the second-most of any duo at the event. If they win PCS 4, it will be off the pack of those two.

The returning competitors from China present a massive threat to the Korean teams. One of those teams is Petrichor Road (PeRo). This team lives and dies by their star player Axileft. As one of the most talented players in China, he finished second in kills and 7th in damage during the grand final. Myl, Grayyyyyy and Mamu all have their moments but will need to step up to pose a threat. This team is streaky and explosive, all it would take is one good weekend for them to run away with the event. While it likely won’t happen, anything is possible with Chinese teams.

The Returning Champion

The second returning challenger from China is MultiCircle Gaming (MCG). The champions of PCS 3 and the fifth-place finishers from PGI.S are looking to continue their stranglehold on the Asian region. This team has arguably the best roster in China when they are all on the same page. MCG’s IGL Summer has played on the biggest stage of PUBG multiple times. Meanwhile, EviLLee, Tank and LingDuuuuuu are one of the most potent trio of fraggers in the world. Any player can carry the team for an entire weekend. MCG are one of the top contenders heading into the event based on track record and talent, the question lies on how much better they can become in the Most Dinner’s system.

The Favorite

Image Courtesy of PCL

The final team that qualified from China is arguably their most historic, best in global competition and most beloved across the world. That is right, Four Angry Men (4AM) are back in PCS and ready to finally claim the international crown that has eluded them for their entire existence. They entered the final game during the last two global championships in the driver’s seat to a championship only to fall short. Now that the Most Dinner’s system is in effect, 4AM may just have found a way to get those titles. Their unbridled aggression and talent was on full display during PCL. After a fourth-place finish in groups, 4AM racked off SEVEN wins during the grand final. They won just over one out of every five games played during the grand final. Those are absurd numbers, but 4AM played to their peak potential. Forever led the entire tournament in kills by 13 and was fourth in damage. If paired with Godv or Crazy112, they would be the highest kill duo in the entire tournament. This team checks every box when it comes to what a team needs to win an international event. That does not diminish the skepticism about this team. This same team rolled through PCL Fall last year only to finish eighth during PCS 3. A PCS title would be the summation of years of trying to grab the brass ring. How much they can be trusted to do so is a different story

PCS 4 Chinese Team Power Rankings:

1. Four Angry Men (4AM)

2. MultiCircle Gaming (MCG)

3. 17Gaming

4. Petrichor Road (PeRo)

5. KaiXin Esports

6. Games Forever Young (GFY)

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