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How much do Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Cost?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Cost

In the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer, more was finally revealed. After a long break in between trailer releases and revealed, the next generation of Pokemon had much more revealed. Specifically some new Pokemon, the Professors (yes two of them), the Legendaries and with them the Cover Art. With the ability to pre-order the games, fans will be wondering, how much do Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Cost?

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As of right now there is only one option for each game.

Pokemon Violet


Pokemon Scarlet


Both of these options are $59.99 USD. This was the pricing for Pokemon Sword and Shield along with Pokemon Legends Arceus. Not too long ago, Nintendo started pricing their games more to the current standards. That being said some games are costing $69.99 for their base versions. Pokemon had to follow after some of their older games started at $39.99 and $49.99 USD.

There will likely be a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Bundle that will be available to players. Most likely the pricing will be $119.99, essentially the same as buying both games. The bundle will likely have additions like more pokeballs or in-game items. For most fans, they will buy both games, especially if the rumors about these ones are true. It is possible that both versions will be different beyond just the different Pokemon available to them.

Either way, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are looking to bring a fresh new feel to the franchise. How fans will receive them should be interesting.

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